n order to frequent electricity supplier fakes

December 3rd, CCTV "focus" column exposure of some luxury jewelry online shopping shady, some fake producers use WeChat, Taobao, selling counterfeit luxury goods overseas purchasing. A small shoe workshops CCTV reporter visited anzha, has brought together the world famous brand shoes, and genuine packaging, in store can provide all bills of imitation goods. Most of these fake goods in the electricity supplier channel sales. Coincidentally, in July 27th this year, jumei.com is the media that allegedly selling fake art. Just listed near jumei.com shares fell 4.18% to $30.28. According to the survey, the jumei.com fake events of lucky sunny this small trading company, Jingdong, including jumei.com, Amazon, Gome online, shop No. 1, serves network, handle, the U.S. group, had its cooperation. Once the source of a problem, the end of the inevitable proliferation of fakes. AQSIQ recently several major electricity supplier platform quality checks show that e-commerce products in China failed to pass rate of 26%. Last year in Taobao, a total of 14 million pieces of infringing goods handled, Taobao and the brand of the more than 6 thousand, the right to join forces to remove the infringing goods directly from the page on up to 5 million 710 thousand pieces. The fakes are frequent business channels, greatly reduce the customer trust in the electricity supplier commodity degree and the desire to buy, also affected the electricity supplier industry reputation, has hindered its further development. How to put an end to the electricity supplier fakes, not only to become the national quality inspection departments, the center of consumer rights is the top priority, but also to make many electricity supplier practitioners feel troubled.

import electricity supplier will be the next growth point of the electricity supplier industry, but also a great risk of fake areas. Import electricity supplier fake risk reasons two. First, after the reform and opening up overseas individual purchasing industry, basically in the zero state monitoring, purchasing goods unsolicited, only photos cannot identify true and false, authentic evidence, proof of the brand can be fraud, resulting in rampant fakes, and no security and reliable return service after the sale. After the rise of the purchasing platform, most of the individual purchasing agent aggregation, for genuine, quality control is also a good pan chen. Second, domestic large business platform and overseas famous sale platform, to overseas direct mining Commodity Factory, only the Amazon which has the advantages of global sourcing platform, even Amazon, also has the most overseas goods from agents and retailers. Therefore, the domestic foreign brand agents, as they expand overseas sourcing partners. The so-called foreign brand agent, many are real, unknown. When they cooperate with the major electricity supplier platform to provide evidence, often fraud department. No matter is the authorization to Armani, Burberry and other luxury brand, or to prove that these luxuries are overseas purchase customs single product, all available PS software counterfeiting. The company of other companies authorized by scanning documents and customs, by modifying the date and name of the company and other methods, the company will own channels, grafting is duly authorized and decent purchase from overseas channels. This is the real reason jumei.com "in the gun".

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