Brewmaster network 7 1 billion 400 million round of financing has been losing money to burn where

just announced the launch of three new board listing process only two days, the brewmaster network appeared in the "National SME share transfer system information disclosure review" in the list. So far, the largest domestic liquor business platform "family property" also surfaced.

according to the latest disclosure of public transfer instructions, 2013, 2014 and 2015 1~3 months, brewmaster net revenues were 865 million yuan, 1 billion 578 million yuan and 546 million yuan, net profit of -3.09 billion yuan, -2.87 billion yuan and -5329.76 million yuan.

‘s 2014 revenue grew by 82.5%, but it is difficult to make long-term forecasts of operating results, and there may be greater volatility. If the future electricity supplier industry and the company’s internal and external environment significant adverse changes, the company’s revenue may not be able to maintain sustained and rapid growth." Brewmaster network said.


specification also said that in recent years the brewmaster network rapid revenue growth, gross margin rose steadily, but affected by the development strategy of the electricity supplier industry characteristics and company, sales expenses, administrative expenses also increased rapidly, resulting in the company during the reporting period has been unable to profit.

in fact, this is the "First Financial Daily" the reporter has been the focus of attention, when talking about the electricity supplier industry, "burning", "loss" has become the consensus of the industry. But the liquor business in the early stages of growth, many rounds of financing in exchange for money are burned to the where, from the brewmaster network public transfer instructions remarkable.

brewmaster network, "burn" the details of

2013, 2014 and 2015 1~3 months, the cost of three brewmaster network period (sales expenses, administrative expenses and financial expenses) were 417 million yuan, 677 million yuan and 172 million yuan, the proportion of total revenue was 48.23%, 42.93% and 31.43% respectively.

in 2014 as an example, the brewmaster net income of 10 yuan each, it means to take the cost of 4.3 yuan. During the amount of the cost of growth, but the proportion of revenue in decline, mainly due to the company to ensure the development of the business, while focusing on cost control." The company explained.

in the three costs, the proportion of sales expenses is the highest in 2014, for example, the cost of sales during the period was 550 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of the proportion of the cost of 81.22%, accounting for the proportion of total revenue of $34.87%.

According to the

specification, including the cost of sales staff salary, promotion fee, freight, packaging fees, platform use fees, conference fees, office expenses, travel expenses, conference fees, rental fees, depreciation and amortization and other.

or in 2014, for example, in the 550 million yuan of sales expenses, staff salaries of $155 million, accounting for 28.16%; promotion fee of $131 million, accounting for more than 23.86%; shipping costs of $119 million, accounting for more than 21.54%.

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