Billion Mall brand power boost the development of online shopping together

the number of Internet users in China has been close to 500 million, with the rapid popularization of the Internet, the improvement of technology and the concept of consumer updates, online shopping has become a fashion. Based on the Internet electronic mall, so that the transaction of goods more concise, effective, lower cost, and gradually become a new model of enterprise sales, and occupy an objective share of corporate sales. Compared with the physical mall, the mall has not been subject to the constraints of time and space, low cost, unlimited customer service quality and other characteristics, but also the rapid development of the current sales model. At present, the existence of various types of online shopping for the protection of the interests of consumers and other issues have attracted the attention of government departments, the establishment of electronic mall and standardized management will become inevitable. The development of electronic mall will tend to brand, large-scale, group oriented evolution.

recently, the billion mall to a new marketing model to attract the attention of many businesses and agents, but also caused various forms of media attention and other aspects. For the marketing model, through the mall mall Lee always said in an interview: no matter what kind of marketing model must take into account the interests of consumers and businesses can be successful. First of all, to benefit the end consumer, and secondly to allow businesses and agents to enjoy the interests of the brand at the same time to achieve the purpose of publicity." For the detailed marketing mode and development form billion mall ", Lee said, the relevant information will be held in September 2011 through a press conference theme related billion mall full disclosure of all information to the press conference for the quasi. At the same time, Lee also said: through the mall billion will join the authority of the news media, the brand promotion docking mall at home and abroad have billion brand value of the enterprise and the media, extensive promotion of brand products through the media, in order to improve the visibility of the enterprise and the brand value of enterprises.


For the future of

billion mall, Ms. Lu Yunting is responsible for publicity, said: "billion mall will be as soon as possible to develop marketing model refinement and implementation, and the government departments, news media, brand enterprises cooperation, strive for hundreds of millions of people" wisdom of life "to provide all formats, intelligent solutions, provide 360 degree enjoy the panorama of life for consumers, so as to achieve the win-win goal."  

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