Zhang Jindong disclose the highest level of cooperation with Suning Ali confidentiality

today, Suning University "Internet Communication Institute" in the establishment of the headquarters of Suning, Suning chairman Zhang Jindong delivered a speech at the inaugural ceremony, he said, we have said, do not say, do more, Suning Internet transformation process, do not use Internet let us eat a lot "no", but the saying goes, "no pains, no gains", we try to use the spread of the Internet, but also brought us a lot of contrary to expectation.

"the age of the Internet as long as the real value of news, will spread like wildfire, want to cover cover." , with the example of Suning and hammer cooperation, and Luo Yonghao met early to discuss cooperation, and did not intend to start, just a few hours later, the news was reported by major media".

Zhang Jindong also revealed some details of Suning and Ali cooperation, "taking into account the information disclosure system of listed companies, our cooperation has been in the news confidential stage at the highest level, but nevertheless, there are still reporters from Suning held Internet plus retail Zijin summit, Ali invited the media to Nanjing travel around the two events find traces.

Zhang Jindong said, the Internet brings many opportunities to spread, also brought some bad things, such as flamboyant, kitsch, vulgar, and contributed to the opportunistic curry favour by claptrap, public opinion atmosphere, to the traditional Internet business transformation has brought many to many or even misleading, if not discern, accepted that is likely to lead to the transformation of the Internet.

The following is the full text of chairman Zhang Jindong Suning


today is the Internet communication, Suning University was founded, thanks to the active communication in the field of Internet Chinese experts and scholars friends to witness, by building such a platform, we hope to spread in the field of universities and research institutions, the media industry, since the media elite zero distance communication, to enhance the under the environment of Internet communication ability and the level of marketing.

a few years ago, there are a number of comments that there is no external Internet Su gene, I think it is mainly due to the spread of the enterprise and the marketing level without the use of the Internet to enlarge and spread. We believe there is a saying, shaoshuoduozuo, do not say. In fact, Suning in Internet retailing has established strong operational capabilities, including specialized supply chain capacity, wide coverage, fast and convenient logistics service capabilities, and the ability of O2O ultimate service, but to tell the truth, these are not well spread out.

took us 20 years to invest in the construction of logistics, we have a self built warehouse of 4 million 520 thousand square meters, as well as the center of the 12 automated sorting, distribution centers and the delivery of the city’s 10 thousand points. These capabilities both in the retail industry or the logistics industry, are second to none, which is the basis of our logistics cloud dare to open up. But in this respect we speak too little, but some senior media friends

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