Why small and medium enterprises in Yunnan to build e commerce sites

"first of all, the economic development level and economic consciousness, Yunnan Province, compared with the eastern region of our country is still in a backward level, therefore, showing the status of e-commerce in Yunnan started late, low level, small scale. Although the current situation of e-commerce in Yunnan is not optimistic, but the development trend has shown good momentum……" The above mentioned "Yunnan Province electronic commerce development present situation analysis" report.

as a native of Yunnan, in recent days saw the reports, a lot of development feelings of e-commerce in Yunnan, then talk about "why Yunnan small and medium enterprises to establish e-commerce website


since last year, e-commerce has undergone tremendous changes. In 2011 the Internet today, no matter what, almost cover and contain everything, can be seen on the internet. Whether it is clothes, books, groceries or jewelry, if you can access the Internet at home, as long as you click on the mouse can easily sit at home to buy things. This has led to a significant increase in the number of e-commerce sites on the internet. More and more companies are aware of the development of e-commerce sites is an excellent opportunity to expand the business.

now, people are more likely to buy things on the Internet because of the accelerated pace of life. Online shopping has become a convenient way of shopping. It helps to save time, so in order to keep up with competitors, and keep them in a leading position, you need to build an e-commerce site. With e-commerce sites, SMEs in Yunnan will be able to compete with large enterprises.

Yunnan locally, Yunnan trade relative to the coastal city, in a backward state, the development of the electronic commerce website provides a golden opportunity for small and medium sized enterprises in Yunnan to sell their products and services, but also can carry out international trade, and the operating time is 24 * 7 days, customers can not restricted in any one day visit the corporate website. There are other benefits to building an e-commerce site:

it helps build the brand value of your business. Let more and more customers to understand the existence of your business, and ultimately enhance your reputation. It can easily help you launch new products and services, you can sell products and services to customers across the country. It can also help to better understand the needs of customers. The electronic commerce website is the best way to strengthen the existing marketing plan for small and medium enterprises in Yunnan, it can also help you sell more products than the store, it also supports different ways of payment, customers can pay by credit card, Alipay, caifutong payment, online banking etc.. E-commerce website also helps to reduce the cost of sales, its direct sales cost is much lower than the traditional way, and on this basis can also carry out international trade. Foreign trade".

in conclusion, combined with the Yunnan current status quo of e-commerce, it is not difficult to see your own e-commerce sites in the small and medium sized enterprises in Yunnan today is very important, it can not only improve the business level, but also help enterprises to produce more investment than ever.

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