Amazon to stimulate the domestic electricity supplier bigwigs into the sea Amoy Market

review: Amazon direct mail Chinese opened the United States to stimulate the domestic electricity supplier scouring the sea of desire. Shanghai Free Trade Zone righting sea Amoy, the domestic large B2C have entered the bureau.

Amazon opened the United States to stimulate the domestic electricity supplier direct mail Chinese sea Amoy desire. September 3rd, No. 1 announced the payment of the store and the east to achieve cross-border electronic payment and docking, formally launched the No. 1 sea purchase project. So far, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone righting sea Amoy, the domestic large B2C have entered the bureau. However, Tmall, and Jingdong, shop No. 1 go is different sea Amoy road.

1 shop into the cross-border electricity supplier

shop 1, the relevant responsible person said, with the Oriental electronic payment and cross-border cooperation, shop No. 1 and cross-border through a comprehensive docking warehouse management system, shop No. 1 can be used in cross-border trade in Shanghai warehouse. Consumer orders, goods can be imported directly from Shanghai FTA warehouse customs inspection after delivery, delivery time compared with overseas direct purchase will be greatly reduced, even the fastest second days to delivery.

according to the reporter, before the major electricity supplier involved in cross-border electricity supplier, consumers can only buy overseas products through the sea Amoy or purchasing. The former requires an order from overseas official website, and then transported to the domestic address, generally need 1-4 weeks; the latter requires consumers to find the purchase order after the first purchase, there is no spot, then it takes 4-5 weeks to arrive. In addition to a long time, consumers need to pay the freight, sea Amoy international customs tax, transport costs, and the former on the consumer level of foreign language requirements, the latter need to pay for purchasing costs, but also will identify fakes.

in advance to the import of foreign goods to Shanghai stocking outside the FTA, "No. 1 sea purchase will introduce overseas high-quality merchants settled Shop No. 1, borrow overseas direct mail to provide goods to consumers.

giant incoming

Taobao in 2007 to establish a global shopping platform, the main business of global purchasing; Gome online in 2013 launched the "global purchase plan, the main supplementary maternal and child category at the end of 2013; teamed up cross-border shopping website Ocean Terminal launched the global options business, Tmall international in February this year on the line, the introduction of overseas sellers, the main overseas genuine". For the domestic electricity supplier, the presence of the risk of the platform business management, proprietary models in the category of less, can not meet all the needs of consumers.

last month, Amazon suddenly announced that the year will be China the establishment of the FTA Shanghai international trade headquarters, to achieve cross-border direct mail through the border pass platform, the major electricity supplier of cross-border electricity supplier attitude suddenly tense. In the industry view, do cross-border electricity providers need to have a strong ability in organization and supply of goods overseas, if Amazon opened the United States with direct mail services, goods, price and logistics advantages will bring many domestic sea Amoy out.

according to the latest data released by PayPal last year, China’s sea Amoy family size has reached 18 million people, overseas shopping expenses up to 2136>

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