Taobao’s largest online Credit Companies to withdraw from the market

morning news (reporter Li Jie Intern Wang Shiyuan) yesterday, the former largest fried reputation network, announced the exit of the credit market speculation. Although the site said that his exit has nothing to do with the fake Taobao, but choose this time to publish news does make a lot of speculation that this is fake Taobao received immediate effect.

has reported that the website manager said, "the company started from the beginning of May 2009 had to give up the credit business." But why pushed to today, only in the media to announce the news on this issue, the reporter called the net staff. The staff said that since early May has been stopped "speculation credibility" business, "we no longer accept orders through privately told customers, we do not do this, the new customer business does not pick up. After all, this is not something to say." The staff also said the net net Ya is now making a website about "credit speculation" and all related operating system will be published on the website, to Taobao online trading platform as a reference.

as for the future direction of the site, the site responsible person told the media that the business has turned to the soft, product optimization and other ways to help the seller to increase the amount of business, while providing store hosting services.

Is that

seems to break from the past, yesterday morning, net Ya network executives on its website issued an article entitled "Taobao credit speculation era has come to an end?" article, two kinds of commonly used means of the public speculation the credibility of the seller.

the first mode of operation and the intention of each brush – fried seller is organized, you buy me, I bought you, when buyers purchase fake transactions are real money to each other, but the seller is not real delivery, then Alipay virtual goods, then buy a home to two days then the labeled "delivery", the seller must give praise, one point.

second kinds of operation that is not only sell. Only do not buy the way to buy, that is, do not need to participate in the purchase, but by the platform around the country to recruit a number of full-time buyers to purchase, the seller does not need to participate in the purchase.