Jingdong seize the consumer credit market to grab money

reporter Zhang Xianan Beijing reported

launched in February 14th the Jingdong ious in the WeChat red off and an internet financial climax.

Nearly a week since

Jingdong played ious how many? The actual payment of funds and how many? "China Times" reporter was informed on 20 February, the Jingdong asked, because IPO is in the quiet period, the white business scale and development planning to disclose the contents of.

Jingdong found a good point." Beijing Hartcourt payment intermediation services Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager Cui Yilong analysis to accept the "China Times" reporter, the Jingdong of IOUS customer audit in addition to reference historical data, but also to examine whether the customer has bound the Jingdong credit card and online payment. There is little risk of bad debts after these two layers of filtering.

How to play the



recorded the scene at a Jingdong ious network video program in February 20th, scheduled to attend the general manager of the Jingdong, mobile resale division Jingdong Project Manager Yan Xiaobo did not appear.

Luo Mingxiong

soft the event was attended by Vice President Yan Xiaobo had said to him that, in the quiet period, the Jingdong issued ious some data is very sensitive, not easy to talk about many things.

in February 12th before the beta communication conference, Jingdong consumer finance business director Xu Lingceng said, consumer finance is a team and supply chain team is independent and parallel, and in 2013 September to begin preparations for the start.

"program is not" long-awaited ", they actually from concept to on-line only about two months, the new hired executives in charge of this project." Cui Yilong said, their goal is to replicate the success of American Express card."

to the first consumer, after the payment, the longest 30 days deferred payment "and" 3-12 month installment "for the characteristics of Jingdong ious became the first consumer credit loans to provide personal financial products on the internet.

the first beta open 500 thousand places, IOUs users receive up to 15 thousand yuan credit line. "China Times" reporter asked the Jingdong was informed that the above is so far the only available figures for disclosure. The size of the actual payment of funds, the rate of tolerable bad debt and other data, as of press time reporter did not get a response.

although Jingdong has not been the standard of public audit, but many users found in the application, not the greater the amount of historical consumption, the higher the probability of application for adoption.

this, Cui Yilong said that Jingdong in the audit of the customer set up two firewalls. First of all, Jingdong will conduct a basic analysis of consumer behavior, to meet a certain amount; second, the user needs to apply for a Jingdong account binding credit card, and had to pay online with a credit card. This means that the user’s credit is first obtained by the bank