How to choose the appropriate domain name 1

Do not have too much emphasis on the importance of their own domain name, if there is an online business, but there is no domain name, then it will lose a lot of business opportunities. Why? The reason is very simple, unless you have their own domain name, otherwise the customer is not willing to buy products from you. In order to be able to build online sales, need to establish their own credibility. The first step is to have their own domain name.

first, to consider the company’s name, you can also choose to "first name" start. Why? When people set up Web sites, they have to decide how to classify them. One way is to classify them according to their good or bad. Another method is to classify the sequence according to the time of submission.

in the domain name beginning with the number 1. Further, it is to start with "1st". This will allow the site to have a good ranking in the alphabetical order. In addition, consider the company’s business areas, it will also give customers the right information, because it shows that you are the best company in this field.