Jingdong Ali eventually war platform resource battle upgrade

[TechWeb] June 4th news, on the way to open the platform to integrate resources, Ali Jingdong war.

June 3rd, someone broke the news that micro-blog, Tmall is the Jingdong launched a "one of two" action, request the supplier shall not participate in the activities of the Jingdong in June, Tmall issued a warning notice to the supplier.

it is understood that in June 18, 2013 will usher in the celebration of the ten anniversary of Jingdong, Jingdong for a large number of inputs, many suppliers have also been invited to participate in the promotion.

broke the news, said Tmall has been to Southern China last week to sweep all the key customers once again, is strictly prohibited to participate in any of the main venue in June Jingdong venue. Jingdong flash group is one of its key targets."

According to the

, the Jingdong in order to retain their suppliers, many sellers have been forced to block the background.

broke the news also revealed that the evening of June 2nd the main venue, the venue’s Jingdong business "Saturday", "Baidu" has also been a Jingdong under pressure while hanging out of the warehouse inventory suspended shipments of Banner".

a war kicked off. Soon, for Ali, two choose one strategy, Jingdong gave a response.

Jingdong confirmed the authenticity of the event in an open letter. "We are very sorry to see, in this process, some friends of the business to be inopportune or inappropriate to our partners, brand manufacturers, they repeatedly issued one of two instructions, and even the threat of some sellers: if you choose to join Jingdong month anniversary promotion, not to participate in the second half of this year held the promotional activities. If the spread of this kind of behavior we allow the abuse of monopoly, not only partners miserable, it will endanger the healthy development of the whole industry."


Jingdong is also taking a loudspeaker, pointed out that "no compulsion" one of two "behavior, will be detrimental to the opening and competition; development will hinder the electricity industry, and will eventually damage the welfare of the whole society. No matter in any name, so that partners, users lose the right to choose, is not the proper meaning of the market economy. We call for an open, fair competition, and hope that more and more sellers, consumers and our peers together to maintain this open and fair competition environment for electricity providers."

resource competition quietly upgrade

two electricity supplier giants such a struggle is inevitable, which shows a certain degree of electronic business platform for resource competition tends to white hot." An industry source said.

in fact, Ali and Jingdong originally did not have much interest disputes. On the one hand, Ali is the main B2C open platform, and Jingdong is the choice of self B2C.

things change occurred in the end of 2010, Jingdong announced the official launch of the open platform, in addition to proprietary business, inviting a large number of suppliers into the