qiyi and Jingdong to build a video with a shopping mode

NetEase Francisco November 3rd news, the day before, Iqiyi and Jingdong announced to create video + cross platform to buy Jingdong, named Iqiyi produced fashion reality show "love" supermodel.

In addition to

brand name, advertising placement, supermodel players in the program’s dress was sold in the Jingdong, as the chain throughout the broadcast technology always runs through the connection of Iqiyi and Jingdong online sales platform.

at present, more and more Chinese Internet users through search, video, social, electricity providers and other platforms cognitive brand, access to product information, for reference. Iqiyi has launched a search hundred reflect, cloud patch, as the chain and other precision marketing technology to achieve cross platform purchase.

, cross platform video + combination has become represent the general trend. A few days ago, Youku potatoes has announced a cooperation with Alibaba platform to launch the side to see the side to buy, potatoes and other goods shopping mode. (Su Su)