Testoff union on line test and create a new mode of fresh fruit electricity supplier

the development of Internet technology has greatly facilitated people’s lives, all walks of life have begun to actively explore the development of electricity providers. But the reporter also learned that at the same time, fruit and other fresh products rarely have a "shock" of the Internet experience. A data show that fresh fruits and other products accounted for less than 3% of the entire e-commerce market share, while in the national daily food and beverage consumption, fresh market share of up to more than 20%. So how can the fruit electricity supplier and the Internet docking success? In this regard, try new responsible person said that the platform for the launch of new test function will be effective fresh fruit marketing business onto the Internet, let the whole world to form an effective business cycle of high quality fruit.


net fruit electricity supplier failure — positioning error

when in an interview with reporters, said the person in charge of test of fresh fruit, actually introduced electricity supplier Internet plus experience and many, but the traditional fruit electricity supplier biggest taboo is the positioning error. The electricity supplier of fruit and vegetable market comparison of fruit, did not highlight their own advantages. In fact, willing to buy fruit online groups and willing to buy fruit in the market is not the same as the consumer groups. After a lot of market research, try fresh product positioning for high-end fruit, early by introducing Guangxi local fruit, packaging experience marketing on the platform, thus creating a light luxury positioning fruit, the products sold to the country. After the introduction of southern fruit will continue to sell to the north, South to the north into the fruit to sell, open the domestic market, will then introduce Southeast Asian fruit to sell to domestic, so as to form a high-quality domestic fruit electricity supplier experiential marketing system.

in addition, try fresh will own clear positioning platform, preliminary direction is selling fresh fruit, the next step is to sell, sell, sell the concept of health and health, according to the basic personal information of members, invited experts to give consumers the nutritional ingredients collocation professional advice, even invited experts to shoot video and consumer guide. Then the plan is to sell data, the household consumption data summary analysis to help family members with fruit consumption plan.

try to create a fresh fruit alone electricity supplier experiential marketing platform

it is reported that the traditional fruit electricity supplier sales is another major problem is difficult to identify fruit quality. The same kind of fruit, different origin, different climate, its quality may be much worse. The test will introduce fresh fruit around the experiential marketing platform, consumers only need to apply for a trial, after the audit platform will be fresh fruit in the form of delivery of free mail to consumers, consumers will eat after reports uploaded to the platform, in this way, not only to provide consumers with a fruit quality inspection platform, provide more a display platform for local farmers, because once consumers eat good, by the side of relatives spread, may be brought by several times or even hundreds of times the sales.

reporter learned that, through the test of fresh growers to promote products, each successful transaction platform will be.