Adsense to understand why Amazon success


webmaster to understand why the success of the Amazon a flexible decision of an enterprise depends on its ability to innovate. Innovative companies in the market competition, in the face of different competitors and different competition situation can be flexible, flexible attack, flexible decision-making is based on the fundamental purpose and goals of the enterprise, rather than a random innovation. Like Amazon online bookstore, in the course of its development and growth, full of competition, there has been a variety of pressure, in this state of flexible decision-making is a necessary means. And its chief executive has the ambition to expand outward, the mind is full of innovative awareness, which makes the operation of free and smooth development of the amazon.

for the outside world, in the international market, Amazon has a series of new moves. Bezos confident in the flexible decision driven, Amazon’s international market will be more and more broad, and constantly open the door to other countries. In May 1998, Amazon bought the three largest companies in Europe, since his vision is not only focused on the domestic market and look at the world.

set up outlets in the overseas market, is also the most important one of Amazon’s flexible decision-making, it has set up the network in Germany, Britain, South Korea and Japan, that is to say it has set up several bookstores in these countries, this is not in the United States, do not speak English can also buy the book he needed. Amazon’s German website editor and marketing department is located in Munich, which offers more than 350 thousand kinds of German books, the United States has reached a total of 400 thousand kinds of books. Amazon UK website in England, Slovenia, which can provide books only in Britain has more than 1 million 200 thousand kinds, can also provide all kinds of services such as the American Amazon, timely delivery, easy service, as well as the recommended books. UK website manager Simon Murdoch said excitedly, online sales of books is a good starting point for e-commerce, Amazon has more advantages than traditional bookstores.

set up the distribution center in Seattle, and the inventory increased 70, and actively expand the other delivery network, this innovative threat to barnes. Since November 1998, Amazon for the establishment of three distribution centers, whose sole purpose is to find more convenient to store and transport, accelerate the circulation speed of selling, Bibanuo Bookstore first to seize the online market. However, Amazon can not be ignored Barnes & online development, it must make a strong response, so it is with a sharp criticism of the opponent, to guide customers to recognize the inadequacy of the seriously injured Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble.


with innovative thinking and flexible decision to defeat opponents, it allied with other sites, each set hotkey connected to expand Amazon’s momentum, it opened up a convenient shopping channel, even in the website of Microsoft Corp also have to buy Amazon music hotkey. Amazon is like a big net, to the United States as the world network to extend its monopoly by the unique thinking and flexible decision making book.