Wong Kwong Yu prison to the United States to open a secret electricity supplier war to drag response


Wong Kwong Yu and

/ Zhang Xiaoping (business observers, new Tang think-tank, CEO brand founder) an East, Miss Su Ning, the price war for me! "" 6· in 2013 18 electricity supplier copy of World War II, the United States the misappropriation of network popular events of micro-blog is very wonderful, very love, let a person aware of the existence of the United states. And before, everyone seems to have forgotten the overlord.

In fact,

as early as this year as the Tomb-sweeping Day Mou Guixian, senior vice president of the United States has issued a "foreign" electricity electricity providers have accused the eulogy, but also tirelessly loss every year with the price of butcher’s knife". Soon after, Gome online foreign confirmed that its CEO Han Depeng has resigned, Mou Guixian temporarily took over. Before the change, there will be a big move. Behind the series of initiatives, revealed a clear "Huang style".

yes. In recent years, the United States in the industry competition is increasingly marginalized, disrupting the prison Wong Kwong Yu’s "Qing xiu". According to reports, the electricity supplier war on the lake today, Huang worried. Gome executives to visit him, given the Yellow tips on a word: "drag". Wong Kwong Yu attaches great importance to the bright younger generation Liu Qiangdong, Gome instructions to maintain cash flow and prevent Jingdong listed at all costs, in an attempt to outlast the Jingdong, he felt that the matter concerns the life and death of gome.

is really ten years Hedong and hexi. In October 2004, Wong Kwong Yu to 10 billion 500 million worth topped the Hurun list, Chinese became the richest man in the mainland. Young, grassroots, struggle, wealth…… These words gathered to him, he overnight attention, become ten years ago deserved "Chinese Idol" (Chinese idol). At that time, Wong Kwong Yu’s rival on the list, only Zhang Dazhong, Chen Xiao, Zhang Jindong, Zhang Jisheng et al., no Liu Qiang east.

two or three years later, he started the acquisition of chariots, Antuso, these competitors almost all reverted to the bag. Now, he should be back in prison, one was committed three errors: first, Chen Xiaoshou will return to his camp; two, will Zhang Jindong stay in the camp; three, ignoring the existence of Liu Qiangdong – Wong Kwong Yu in fame in 2004, Liu Qiangdong founded the Jingdong under his eyelids are bred from formal business entity shop to do e-commerce.

I is the earliest reported Wong Kwong Yu family background and family history of financial reporter, news from Wong Kwong Yu sister Huang Xiuhong and some other people. In Beijing, Xiaoyun Road, Eagle building, a layer of the general manager of Beijing United States Office, plain Huang Xiuhong through two long talk, revealed to me that the Huang brothers through remote villages unknown growth in the Chaozhou Shantou area, and in the process of entrepreneurship sour, sweet, bitter, hot. Still remember clearly, she hung on the wall behind a piece of Calligraphy: "benevolent invincible". This stems from the faith of their family in the past.

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