Eliminate the giants like tragedy Wanda how fun O2O

eleven not long past, twelve will ensue. In the face of Ali empire made shopping carnival, I think the hearts of other household electrical appliance manufacturers are five mixed. After all he is often discounts, what Taobao has so many festivals, and he is a member of only as a foil. In fact, look at the status of the domestic electricity supplier Ali Empire sort, just can not shake, either Taobao or Tmall, they basically include nearly half of the domestic consumer market, other business platform even harder, the resources to pay more, a short time can not form scale and competitiveness, it also can’t understand why Tencent and Baidu these two Kuoshao always frustrated. But business is indeed a tempting cake, even the competition than imagined intense, bigwigs still can not help but want to go check it out, which includes the traditional tyrannical wanda.

For Wanda

we certainly will not be unfamiliar, as a leader in entertainment consumer market China line, its influence can not be overlooked, but the face of the Internet for daily life gradually, even in strong Wanda also had to consider the power of the network under. So, the Tencent and Baidu cooperation will become the logical thing. But the United Nations may not be able to produce chemical powers between enough. Baidu cool days before the example of the case, after the lessons of the letter is easy to NetEase, Wanda overwhelmed with Baidu, Tencent cooperation can produce the expected effect of whether we are not allowed to say. But since there is such a good resource, so in the early cooperation and try some change something that is not good, and I of this process also has a few ideas.

understand the true meaning of the O2O model where. With the development of the electricity supplier products, consumer market network life is gradually saturated, can see is whether it is a comprehensive platform and vertical shopping product system has been set up perfect, on the basis of any kind of blind to will is of no significance. Even if you have a lot of resources, but in the end is to listen to the sound. In such a big environment Wanda want to make their own things must have their own operating culture. After all, the use of simple line strength and compression to exclude competitors on their own living space, but also a waste of resources, change the use of the Internet thinking act not in my opinion, Wanda Building business vision should be a kind of service and the demand of communication platform, these functions will be integrated into a natural platform. With that line is to provide consumer decision-making, preferential information, convenient services for consumers; connecting line is focused on businesses and businesses (the integral operation), connecting people and services (consumer experience), connecting people and businesses (membership management), connecting businesses and services (payment) etc..

not only to achieve value, but also to implement a win-win situation. There is bound to be valuable, Wanda want to make their business vision is more acceptable, in addition to the introduction of some innovative features, I think some of the basic feasible measures are inevitable. This is not only the need of value, but also the inevitable requirement of long-term development. >