Two dimensional code to pay a hundred days to suspend the development of a new model of the new game


reporter Zhong Hui Shenzhen reported

, the central bank suspended payment of two-dimensional code after more than three months, and the Alipay cup side, caifutong and three party payment, with the central bank payment clearing and other regulatory authorities to discuss the development of two-dimensional code or payment standard, the other side also started to pay two-dimensional code layout.

twenty-first Century economic report exclusively learned that the two-dimensional code UnionPay payment system program includes two parts, one is online and pay the scan code window, the two is to pay down the line scan code; the latter is attached to the line under the original cup acquiring layout system to scan code instead of swiping link. In the scenario, next line of the two-dimensional code UnionPay payment and Alipay, caifutong scan code processes on the contrary, that the consumer mobile terminal generates a two-dimensional code bank card information, merchants scan code after the completion of the funds transfer and payment information.

because of this, some industry insiders believe that the major differences between the model of the two-dimensional code payment and UnionPay Alipay, caifutong mode is, its essence is to pay down the line, just use the scan code to replace the credit card process, is a natural technology upgrade.

simply said, UnionPay move to time for space, just should be fashionable two-dimensional king, did not touch the real bottom line of the central bank.

, according to the reporter was informed that, after the early research and development, UnionPay two-dimensional code payment system has been developed, is currently working with the bank to discuss cooperation promotion.

there are several areas have been prepared with the local people’s Bank, but now the central bank to pay two-dimensional code is not clear, the mainland can not be officially promoted, can only be done outside." An official close to the cup to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter said.

a BOC Hongkong responsible person confirmed the above statement to reporters, "we have promotion in Hongkong, and is now on the line POSS system upgrade, no formal application. There is a single place outside the business qualification, we will update the next promotion."

two-dimensional code to pay UnionPay

online and window scan code payment, UnionPay mode is mainly for online or window display platform to provide customers with the form of payment solutions.

Internet online payment itself has a jump function, but in addition there is another road is the original verification way, via SMS verification, we can verify through the scan code now. Two dimensional code only transfer funds to pay information, the platform does not grasp the overall identity of consumers." These close to the authority said.

UnionPay two-dimensional code payment mode is the most significant breakthrough in the line scan code payment. The model with the single line UnionPay payment system based online merchant side, to upgrade the original POSS single machine system, implantation of two-dimensional code scanning function; and in the end consumer, UnionPay has been in the form of plug-in development of 2D >