With Jigoshop plug in will be WordPress into a professional electricity supplier website


you have to admire WordPress’s strong, as long as you go, basically no WordPress can not do. Or this is the reason why WordPress is wildly popular in the world, of course, the essence of free and open source software. WordPress in addition to build a portal, science and technology blog, personal blog can also be built very good electricity supplier website, this trend has been very popular in foreign countries. Many companies have launched e-commerce platform WordPress theme or a complete solution, but the basic price is in the United States and the United States under the knife 80-100 price.

but don’t forget the essence of free WordPress, a global developer community provides numerous excellent and free plug-in, not only allows you to create a personalized web site optimization, expansion and so on are be nothing difficult. So in the electricity supplier this also has a super good free e-commerce plug-in oh. Here is the introduction of the Jigoshop is a free banner in the outstanding plug-ins, the current Jigoshop in foreign countries has been very popular and loved by everyone.

Jigoshop launched in 2011, is a lightweight plug-in, user-friendly, user visual experience is also very good; in the mobile device is also an amazing effect. Integrated PayPal, credit card, cheque payment, can also be integrated Google Checkout payment gateway, but in addition to the integrated PayPal, credit card, cheque, DIBS four, Google Checkout and the other is to pay, you can expand on the official Jigoshop page to add these extensions, provides many rich and very official the utility of the extended tool, can create an excellent and efficient function in all aspects are very good. A small part of the expansion is free.

is more important and those charged Jigoshop provides professional version of the electronic commerce as well as the plug-in product management interface (control background), product management, order management, customer management, transportation management, data statistics and analysis, sales management (coupons) and taste everything, is a very complete management system and professional the power station. If it is to sell virtual products to download the site, Jigoshop also provides a perfect solution.

Jigoshop code can also be personalized modification, a variety of their own settings, style (CSS) you can do it yourself. Jigoshop currently offers 16 languages, not Chinese, a Chinese is not a problem.

Jigoshop also provides API, while the official website of Jigoshop also has the subject of charge for sale.

Jigoshop installation environment requirements:

1.WordPress 3>