Ali international B2B also want to play the line City partner recruitment

[Reuters] news billion state power in January 14th, before the Alibaba group senior vice president, B2B business group president Wu Minzhi said, the next Ali in the international B2B field layout of two routes, online and offline channels full service sellers.


Wu Minzhi said that at present in Chinese rural and international field, there are a lot of quality goods are difficult to find market channels to consumers, consumers are also stored online needs, and Ali B2B to do, is to solve these problems.

Wu Minzhi, online, Ali B2B will be to assist the seller through other software companies and three party cooperation, and provide tools, sourcing, logistics warehousing and other services matching funds for the seller, B2B access line above to C end users of electronic business system.

In addition to

, Ali also launched yesterday to the city’s partner strategy to deal with the next line of retail stores. The plan aims to foster partners in 1 to 5 line city Chinese, rural and international to provide high-quality supply line retail stores, so that businesses can get the good stuff at home. Cooperative shops do a good job focusing on the service of the surrounding target customers and consumers.

is the following Li Minzhi speech shorthand:

Wu Minzhi: Hello! The summit is nearing completion, I believe that the amount of information for the two days is very huge, the spring to Ali B2B, sharing this morning listening, everyone should B2B our Alibaba today in what to do and what we are and what has a very clear understanding made. I take this opportunity to sum up.

our business is mainly responsible for the B2B two, according to different customer groups in terms of words, one is we have been done with the help of Chinese export enterprises how to be able to improve their competitiveness in the international market, so as to help the Chinese the share of exports continue to improve. Here, I want to pass Wei Qiang and Yuyong introduction, we should be very clear, simple terms, in fact we hope that through such a kind of inside a special field of foreign trade in the inside of the link of government regulation, then put it together, the information and data called us to precipitation China supplier seller.


a tax rebate declaration based on the information we can go after the end of his entire precipitation supplier of the credit system, credit system based on these, we have developed our new product called TA TA this product, and this product, he is actually more a stand in the perspective of the buyers, the buyers provide transaction security and service products. In such a product, the passage of time, we can through the TA of this product, we slowly can accumulate the buyer’s data. So in the end, our business will precipitate the data of global smes. And when we can accumulate buyers data, this is true for China’s foreign trade