How to handle duplicate pages

online mall do not directly copy the description of goods elsewhere.

The ranking of

online stores has been declining, mainly because their descriptions are: completely copied from the local, too similar, or too short, almost exactly the same. So if you are running an online store, you have to spend some time and money, write a description of some of the goods, and your competitor’s website is different. In the eyes of spiders, about 150 – 300 words of the original content is usually enough.

where can add different content

navigation menu. Footer (something bottom). Title (the top of something, such as a sign). Right / left panel (or both). Content section.

if you find other sites to copy your web page how to do?

asked them to delete the article with a mild threat suit. It’s not worth it to go to court, but it’s a good strategy to scare people.

print page

user pages and printed pages are treated as duplicates. Although the search engine has become smarter, the print page is still considered a duplicate page.

user feedback and comments

this is a very good original place. However, users should be given the appropriate reward for comments, give them a reasonable statement.

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