The domain name investment rose tie whose hand

with the rapid development of China’s Internet industry, the domain name as an important part of the Internet industry chain, because of its rarity and uniqueness of the characteristics, has become one of the areas of concern for many investors. Standardize the domain name investment market, build China’s domain name trading platform and promote the healthy development of the domain name industry, the Internet industry has become an important issue.

The so-called Internet domain name (Domain Name

) is to find the object according to the network on the Internet, the user is in the network world number and address. With the continuous development of the Internet, the domain name has become a special commodity, with exchangeable commodity attributes. Domain name investment is a small investment, huge value-added space, but there is a big risk.

domain name investment rapid development

according to the latest research report shows that in 2006 China iResearch, the domain name market is 410 million, is expected in the next 3 years China domain name market will show a rapid growth trend, will maintain a growth rate of around 32%, China domain name market will further expand the scale of the future, is expected to 2008, the domain name market can Chinese reached 720 million yuan. The huge market has attracted the attention of the Internet industry, but also brought a strong investment in the domain name economy.

In fact,

, domain name investment is already a very mature industry in foreign countries, the network domain name trading platform website webmaster Wang Quanfeng statue meters accept Chinese intellectual property news reporter said, in a foreign country or even a good domain name to the bank mortgage loan situation. In China, the number of people engaged in domain name registration has more than 60 thousand, including about 10 professional investment companies in the commercial operation, there are dozens of professional investors, the rest are amateur investment. It is understood that the domestic domain of second-hand transactions per year more than 60 million yuan.

, director of Renmin University of China Information Technology Department of basic national College Computer Basic Education Research Association Secretary finance management information branch You Xiaodong in an interview with reporters China intellectual property report also pointed out that investors have spontaneous groups in China before 2000, but on a small scale. But the couple mostly follow and blind investment, mainly in: hot domain of public concern will generally be registered, but this kind of investment success rate is very low, and the alleged infringement or illegal disclosure of a domain name; the media at a price, the relevant domain name will generally be swept along, but after all basically no one cares. You Xiaodong also stressed that the value of long-term investors in this increasingly hot market will have a good harvest.

since 2004 to buy Google media reports, has aroused public concern, more and more people to join the ranks. Although China’s Internet industry started relatively late, but development is very rapid, especially the domain name investment trading market in recent years is very popular in our country, there have been a number of occupation speculators — "rice farming", is the domain name investors.