Do not grab it the first explosion of Tmall home appliances micro whale how to collect

tonight morning, officially started 11 pre-sale, major smart TV manufacturers have joined the fray, in addition to the conventional 99 yuan deposit worth 149 yuan, KKTV straight down 99 yuan, Hisense straight down 600, LETV highest return now 300 yuan, SKYWORTH highest return now 550, the Internet TV new micro whale, just 2 minutes it sold 7000 units, with a total sales of 8825 units (as of Press) talent shows itself from the many brands, the day has become the first Tmall appliance sale. Micro Bo whale arrogant to themselves: each sold 3 sets of 55 inches, there are 2 micro TV whale.


is the Internet gangster pinch, consumers benefit, how to seize this opportunity to bring home the old TV upgrade, in order to let you not miss this golden opportunity to design a small value, panic buying Raiders, take them off.

is scheduled to be prepared as early as possible

opens the Tmall micro whale shop, a chart clearly shows the twin eleven whale strategy.

users can 0:00 during the period from October 13th to November 10th 22, to participate in the "pre-sale grab top", taking "Tmall sale whaley/ micro WTV55K1 55 inch 4K HD smart whale flagship flat-panel TV" link, pay 99 yuan cash sale. The first 5000 reservations can get $600 back now, the first 5001 to 10000 reservations, can get $400 cash back. At the same time, micro whales will also provide these predetermined successful users send 50 yuan, 99 yuan in cash is worth 149 yuan in total pay tv.

double eleven really down 600 yuan

completed the scheduled, double eleven day of the purchase became easier and simpler. November 11th 1:00, the price of whale TV Tmall will reach an unprecedented price bottom line, that is, the official price of 4197 than the official drop of $600, only $3597. In addition, the first 1000 customers to pay the tail, but also get $100 cash return. That is to say, the original price of 4197 yuan micro whale 55 inch 4K HD smart flagship flat-panel TVs, the lowest only need to pay 3047 yuan can be sent to your home.

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