The first national social security shop will debut in Hangzhou

who said that open shop is not a formal work?

open shop in Hangzhou, you can participate in pension, medical insurance, you can also enjoy a number of employment support policies

according to the Hangzhou network reported that the unit is to continue to do white-collar workers, or quickly join the network to become a full-time buyer? No insurance so many young people would like to open shop is very tangled. Now Hangzhou shop stores do not tangle, meet the conditions of the online business employment can participate in old-age insurance and medical insurance.

guaranteed life was far away

now Hangzhou shop will become the first batch of lucky

chagle stores in the Taobao forum a paragraph on the road a lot of shop entrepreneurs voice:

"to give up work to do full-time Taobao has more than a month, this time the experience also let me deeply in love with Taobao, each customer satisfaction are certainly makes me more confident, but because these days a little trouble with the continuous to the hospital, the doctor will ask a question: you have social security? Of course, the answer is negative, the network to do their own professional sales, there is no company, no business, who gave you to buy social security?"

according to the latest employment index released by Taobao, as of April 30, 2010, there are already 1 million 60 thousand people through the Taobao shop to achieve employment. Taobao to live in the store, 39.3% of the monthly income of between 1000-2000 yuan, the monthly income of between $2000-3000, while only $5000 more than $7.4%. Taobao is currently the main solution to the basic employment, rather than high income. From the age structure, the 1 million 60 thousand people, young people aged 23-32 accounted for 57.7%, the formation of the main.

Taobao said the next goal is to create 10 million jobs. How to solve the worries of these 10 million people. At present, the Hangzhou municipal government "on the issue of online employment and support for the identification of the relevant issues" for the introduction of online employment related to the identification and support policies. Hangzhou city employment service bureau responsible person, due to receive the online business license harsh conditions, many shop owner can not get a business license, social security is impossible, the introduction of these policies is to make such a shop owner can also have social security, enjoy Hangzhou’s employment policy. It is reported that currently operate in Hangzhou Taobao shop stores 19.4 million, the 19.4 shop owner is expected to become the first batch of national social security Taobao stores.

what is a guaranteed life?

latest policy worth looking forward to

good shop can apply for employment identified

where the registered unemployed persons in cities and towns, the graduates of colleges and universities and the transfer of rural labor force are engaged in the business of Electronic Commerce () through the registration of real name registration, the following conditions shall be met

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