Wangfujing department store Tencent veteran super hand also do O2O

text / Song Xuan (micro signal: barensong)

in February this year, the Wangfujing department store announced the hand penguin, when the media have enthusiastically participated in the discussions will take the Tencent cut Ali and intime super O2O field against the alliance, but when a large number of reported analysis is not difficult to find, most people on Wangfujing, this veteran super brand O2O was not optimistic, the reason is very simple in cooperation with Tencent a few months has not landed.

then, after half a year, two of the co-operation in the end to what extent? Ba recently interviewed Wangfujing Department insiders, and it is not difficult to see their chat online, the Internet for super change, has been deeply influenced by this industry, and alliance Tencent is the old enterprise to O2O transformation start.

super change, Wangfujing anxious

went to the department store, you can still feel the last century in 70s that kind of thick nostalgic atmosphere, that time, the department store is still a small number of large shopping malls, no one can. And this superiority has been maintained in the last century in 90s. But this sense of superiority with the outbreak of the Internet quickly fall, first to feel the impact of the electricity supplier, then met O2O tide… ..

Wangfujing department store market leader Du Tao told the Palestinians that, Wangfujing department store inside for the current retail industry change unusually sensitive company in cooperation with Tencent in the last year before the basic completion of the Department of adjustment, then started to look for the various third party services, at present, the main strategy for Wangfujing group O2O is summarized as "all channels" three words. The core logic of all channels on the Internet is the channel construction of Wangfujing commodity exports, as far as possible to access various types of Internet solutions to solve the multi business advantage and construction services, marketing, and other members of the internal system, there are more than third party settlement business in Wangfujing department store, and the WeChat team is just one.

based on WeChat to subvert the traditional payment

as mentioned above, in the Wangfujing on sensitive changes in the industry in the last year began looking for partners, and Tencent contact began in June 2013, and the first docking department is currently being stripped of the Twitter Life departments of Tencent. When asked why to choose the Tencent, Du said, had also had the Wangfujing department store will be the preferred target for Ali, but Ali did not find in-depth understanding of a molding platform level products, the Amoy little does not actually completely with the Wangfujing department store business models, of course, which also guarantees the traditional business super deep for Ali electricity providers started alert.

and WeChat’s cooperation is the main advantage of its platform advantage, and in the formal signing of a cooperation agreement, the two sides will be the first to carry out cooperation in the field of payment. Du said that the first step in cooperation with WeChat Wangfujing is to subvert the cashier. The level of payment in Wangfujing is the use of mobile devices and two-dimensional code to solve the problem of payment under the line, stationed in Wangfujing hundred

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