Jingdong 40 billion WAL MART’s exposure to swallow shop 1 HNA Group suspected spoiler

Jingdong business in recent years by domestic electricity supplier tide made full of sound and colour Liu Qiangdong has even some dissatisfaction, in the present volume. Senior media Lin Fenglei (eight sisters) broke the news this morning, said Jingdong is negotiating the acquisition of WAL-MART’s No. 1 store, and negotiations have entered the late, the transaction amount will be more than 40 billion yuan.

exposure to WAL-MART’s Jingdong 40 billion swallow shop 1, HNA Group suspected spoiler

, another source said, with the exception of Jingdong, HNA Group also intends to acquire 1 stores from the hands of WAL-MART, led the negotiations once fell into a state of anxiety. The rapid progress of the acquisition of the first shop Jingdong, the two sides have entered the late negotiations.

in fact, last year the Jingdong shares to 4 billion 300 million yuan in exchange for Yonghui supermarket depth of cooperation in the field of O2O. The acquisition of shop No. 1, if true, WAL-MART in the field of O2O may bring greater surprise for Jingdong.

at present, the exposure of the acquisition, Jingdong said no comment.

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