Jingdong Tmall battle online super

Jingdong and Ali the first time.


source: Vision China

as the last piece of blue ocean, Jingdong and Tmall online super domain has played a personal battle.

and this time, they chose the battlefield in the category of wine.

in August 30th, Tmall launched the first 9· 9 Tmall Global Wine Festival, consumers can buy Tmall and Tmall from more than 50 countries in the world of wine.

after a day of August 31st, the Jingdong announced the supermarket with Moutai, Wuliangye, Bacardi and other domestic and foreign Lafite, wine brand founded Chinese first "authentic wine alliance".

super department stores category many, in addition to a ten, 618 of this section, a small holiday is more conducive to playing both sides of the personal battle, Jingdong mall consumer products division marketing director Yan also said to reporters Yuelong interface, this play is the norm.

for the rich category of super department stores, each important category will become the object of intense competition between Tmall and Jingdong.

however, although the electricity supplier giants fight for every category of positions in the tit for tat but in fact, there is no online super majority of consumer habits.

Nelson 2016 annual Chinese supermarket shoppers trend report, pointed out that 54% of consumers for home delivery services and online shopping, this figure in last year was $42%.

Tmall supermarket and supermarket Jingdong actively strive for this part of the new user, through a variety of festivals and preferential treatment to allow consumers to take the inconvenience of diapers and boxes of wine and water, and is not convenient to buy foreign biscuits and cosmetics buy back, they want to develop more and more users online shopping habits.

"we’re not going to be looking at our competitors, mainly on the user. Who robbed the user, who won. There is no need to say who to fight, and now still grab the user stage." Yan Yuelong said.

although the main task is still to compete for new users, but for this piece of blue ocean, the two sides shouted the goal of over three years of sales over one billion.

yesterday, Jingdong announced that strive to become less than three years of time, including online, offline Chinese business in the field of absolute absolute sales, market share and consumer satisfaction first.

just a month ago, Tmall supermarket general manager river just said that so far, Tmall is the first online supermarket supermarket, and will reach the size of one hundred billion yuan in three years to become the largest online store.

in fact, in the second half of 2016, the two sides in the optimization of experience and prices are very targeted to actively implement the >

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