Wang Shi’s visit to three Zhu Shijian Chu orange will further net electricity supplier


on the traditional industry by the impact of the Internet and change, Wang Shi believes that the electricity supplier to change the sales channels, "before the wholesale and retail sectors more, high cost, slow speed Internet, reduce intermediate links, reduce the cost, but also faster!" said Zhu Shijian, Chu orange will further net".

November 4th, third famous entrepreneur Wang Shi visits Zhu Shijian, a reunion of meaning, is again thinking of entrepreneurship". The three Yunnan visit "orange king", two Freemasonry "big brothers" again a new collision sparks.

2002, the 75 year old Zhu Shijian began planting orange in the Ailao Mountain, was again out of new life.

in 2003, when Wang Shi boarded the Mount Qomolangma, with the mud on the legs of Ailao Mountain to visit him. The Wang Shi visit influence in business circles and the media circle is very large, the most accurate evaluation of Wang Shi Zhu Shijian: "the rebound fell to the lowest point of the" become the domestic media reports after ten years Zhu Shijian has become the keynote of Chu orange listed as "inspirational orange" brand foundation.


April 2014, Wang Shi once again boarded the Ailao Mountain visit Zhu Shijian, two people stood and said more than two hours, the king of Chu "career evaluation is done well, is a pursuit of the people."

also like to meet for the first time, to see the food and lodging in the orchard of the old side, drove ten hours back and forth.

when the forward Orange Park path team also twists and turns, the 87 year old Zhu Shijian has been waiting for Wang Shi to do a mountainside.

waiting for Wang Shi to get off, the two men will shake hands, calm, peaceful, as the year.

"is like a battlefield specially trained like the spirit still!" Wang Shi looked at the old man beside the same.

Wang Shi and Zhu Shijian walk together in Orange Park, saw a lot of mature Chu orange is packing, entrepreneur Wang Shi can not help but get up and eat up their peers.

hasn’t seen so many oranges hanging on the trees for years." Wang Shi exclamation.


Zhu Shijian talk about entrepreneurship: 75 year old orange want to do something for farmers

A temporary meeting

Chu orange manor room, simple moved two stools, then sit, two chiefs of the dialogue started.

"old Chu did not know why the 75 year old is also active in agriculture, entrepreneurship, and the Chu orange has done so well, why is this?" asked Wang Shi.

on 75 years to do, Chu orange Zhu Shijian said, "75 years old, as life is not how much energy, but my life is too much, but I hope I can do it well, no matter.

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