Analysis of the reasons why the price war is difficult to continue


domestic electricity supplier has a well-known feature – how much money did not earn more than a dozen racks. This may be due to the particularity of the domestic electricity supplier market environment. However, often focus on domestic electricity supplier friends can more clearly feel the 2012 price war very fierce, but in 2013 the electricity supplier bigwigs almost fizzled out.

Although the

prior to the 4.18 anniversary of the United States, several giants tried to set off a price war, but hardly a small climax didn’t lift up the electricity supplier giant Jingdong settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, even directly hung out mianzhanpai! In this regard, some analysts believe that this is the power of taking the domestic competitive environment tends to be rational, but in Song Congming it seems that the bigger reason lies in the excessive price war has hurt the hearts of consumers. ".

is said to be a frequent price war hurt the consumer’s heart, there are two main reasons:

consumer price war fatigue

As the saying goes, "

is rare.". Especially as the price promotion to this kind of thing, is a rare opportunity! But most of the major electricity supplier brand promotion, almost every day in, the price war is often! Especially in 2012 when the price war is the most frequent. The festival is engaged in, there is no holiday businesses must find ways to make a holiday out. Although sales go up, but this is not a permanent solution.

after all, always do so much more consumers see, feel boring. Once the concessions made a normal, it lost the advantage of the due. For consumers is caused by a price war fatigue, businesses can afford, consumers may not be able to look up.

and last year only new year’s day, just Tmall, Taobao’s sales reached 19 billion Ma in November announced that Taobao, Tmall’s annual sales target has been reached ahead of schedule. But looking back, a price war down in addition to Taobao, Tmall made money, the rest of which is not scarred? In this regard, Liu Qiangdong is more emphasis on Jingdong is a Jingdong in 2013 to recuperate a year, do not hit the price war.

so, frequent price war not only let consumers feel for businesses is more flat and uninteresting, lose the wife of another soldier.

price war too much moisture

frequent price promotions not only allow consumers to produce price war fatigue, but also to allow consumers to lose confidence in the domestic electricity supplier. Recently, a reporter visited a number of consumers said that this year’s May Day golden week will choose to go to the store to buy. The reason is that the price war water is too big!

Although the United States online,

and other commercial enterprises, still eager for a fight full of confidence, but consumers have not go here. Many consumers believe that the so-called electricity supplier price war is a little thunder and rain. Xin Xin

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