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e-commerce B2C to the era of rapid growth, the trend is irreversible, how to face the challenges posed by this trend?

combined with life decoding and Masa maso and other successful cases, facts have proved that as long as a good grasp of the method, many traditional companies can successfully do B2C.

traditional Chinese enterprises to carry out e-commerce in line with market trends, according to their own situation to do. Now there are three main models:

1 directly to the existing B2C platform supply. These B2C is equivalent to the traditional stores, such as Suning, Gome, five-star, etc., if stationed in such a platform, the company also indirectly achieved the purpose of network sales.

2 in the Taobao open their own shop, such as Lining, UNIQLO and other brands have Taobao’s flagship store.

3 can be controlled, belonging to their own sales platform, with this platform is the growth of small sales.

through these, the enterprise has a control channel, the terminal’s official sales platform and e-commerce system.

network direct compression of the middle channel, in the final analysis, but also for consumers to save costs, in line with the interests of consumers. Therefore, for brand clothing, product networking, network branding is also an inevitable choice.

by the operating entity extended to more robust and B2C electronic commerce network stronger and more competitive, occupy absolute advantage, with this opportunity, as beauty, skin care, slimming and other fashion products in the country a large number of senior sales counters with solid mall sales network of women website also homeopathy


popular women’s website has the following: Only Lady, Ruili Women, PCPP fashion network etc.. Which is represented by the Ruili feminine fashion magazine based on the website is still relatively traditional community, said from some kind of meaning. While similar to the vertical portal website for women like PCPP fashion network, is one of the few domestic vertical portal positioning in the high-end consumer brand and high quality fashion life, service in the high-income professional fashion website users. At the same time to build online interactive fashion community, including the establishment of fashion product manufacturers, fashion followers, Fashion Critic, fashion magazine publisher, fashion designer, fashion bloggers, fashion brand advertisers and brand retailers, fashion circle network. For example, an ordinary female users as long as the above registration landing, they can start to get fresh information, until the last shopping mall on the site found just see the news in the fashion brands, which also can be interactive forums or ask for discussion and inquiry. This vertical experience provided by the website, not only greatly saves the energy and time of female Internet users, but also adds a rich sense of interaction.

is expected in 2009 will be a new year for emerging women’s booming media. More professional women’s Web site, and the original female

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