Let success get out of the business circle is the failure of positive energy For entrepreneurs wron


tiger sniffing note: 21 this month, the tiger sniffing F& M Innovation Festival, entrepreneurs take six minutes to share a wrong elevator speech segment is still hot, according to the circle of friends, not only the host yen value compared to last year has increased dramatically, and the number of guests came to share the scene the audience more than last year. The same is we open this part of the mind: "Let success get out of the business circle, failure is

positive energy!"

in the 8 entrepreneurs took turns to share after the audience with his praise for its vote, which is the brand which is a real experience, courteously but without sincerity, remains to be seen. Finally, the guests get the highest votes, sponsored by one set The One piano piano a.

from the scene record below can be seen, some entrepreneurs is quite real, some of their own reflection still remain on the surface, some have to evade the crucial point…… To tell the truth, do not know what he claims to share the errors and the essence of what is wrong…… Olfactory couldn’t help worrying brother Sensen as its logical ability, thinking ability, reasoning ability, the audience must also have the same feeling…… Please check.

also need to be reminded that these eight errors and reflection, there are contradictions in the place of hey, for example, it was said to be low-key, said someone who died low-key. Well, is this a problem for our entrepreneurs to rethink?. Different nature of the enterprise, the enterprise at different stages, the means and sentiment will certainly be different. Presumably you readers will not be so kezhouqiujian.

no matter how deep the contents of sharing, we all want to thank the 8 entrepreneurs come and frank.

the 8 entrepreneurs, according to the order of play (the record is also in order to play), followed by LEGO box founder Dong Jun blue; founder Geng Le ABD; love to dream big data founder entertainment thunder; curriculum lattice founder Li Tianfang said founder Wen Chenghui; gift; soil’s founder Wang Wei; Himalaya co-founder Yu Jianjun; founder of infinite light Yu Zhichen.

I wish they had fallen into the pit, you can go on the road lights!

Dong Jun: don’t rely on the value of entrepreneurial resources

when our generation grew up, more or less will have some resources based on the soil, whether it is from the kindergarten or school, or even a major event in life will be more or less some backdoor or find the relationship between the shadow. Why is there such a problem? It is because of information asymmetry, because of the asymmetry of information, so if you have no personal himself smashed into it, you have no way to get some key information and data judgment.

and this era, the most important feature is the high degree of information sharing based on the center of the.

but when we start a business, we often get out of the inertia of the resources, without paying special attention

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