Taobao lock up fuel card drivers in the prepaid service decide on what path to follow

November 30th news, yesterday, Taobao released "without Taobao licensing rules" lock up stage return goods change announcement, to adjust the range of goods banned refueling card, including but not limited to fixed card coupons, cards, prepaid service and staging return items. The new regulations will come into effect on December 6, 2016.


rules mentioned, such as the common gas Sinopec, Chinese oil and other oil and gas distributors issued quota card coupons, cards, or other related operators released gas stored value cards service, stage return marketing activities are included in the scope of the ban. Tmall has implemented a separate business access measures.

at present, billion state power network with "cheer card" as the keyword search in Taobao, selling of goods are mostly the denomination of 100 yuan to 1000 yuan prepaid card. In fact, this type of prepaid card is mostly in the form of payment on behalf of the charge service to consumers, consumers only need to refuel the card number in his remarks at the time of ordering. The shop will be corresponding to the amount of recharge to the consumer card account.



According to Taobao

, for the exchange of goods for goods or services fixed card coupons, coupons, prepaid service cards or will buy the payment stage return transactions are not directly to the real subject of the transaction, or completely dependent on business customer service to fulfill in good faith, if the lack of available trust business audit system and customer service right security system is prone to instability, the right to use the money to recharge uncertainty, customer service rights without security problems, security risks and protection of the rights and interests of buyers are high risk, so the goods or service for processing lock.

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