Adult products website promotion trap

traffic is the lifeline of the website promotion, gain access flow is the only site, in this way, how to avoid misguided


in today’s technology background, hard for every webmaster, have a website is a an easy job to do things, but how will your site to do the "hot", how to promote the site through various channels, this is a pendulum in front of everyone not to avoid the pain of the road, the young the owners are groping in the dark in the road ahead, there is joy dawn trap, more tears, I will experience some promotion to the accumulation of personal experience to share with everyone in the early days of the site, hoping to play the role of the beacon, let you avoid detours less on the pit.

One of the

traps: CPC paid click promotion. Similar to the promotion of this kind of fast food when the loudest when Baidu promotion, followed by Sogou promotion. In the case of lack of new funds do not easily join PPC promotion, the reasons are as follows: high pressure of competition and face malicious clicks, colleagues bid, if you want to surpass them in the rankings, only higher than the set of bids, it will be an unbearable weight for a railway station. No one will be in a strange site for the first time on a single purchase order, you will find that there is no flow rate, but the conversion of the money to make the search engine. So how to attract repeat customers, you have to work on the content of the site itself.

trap two: CPS web promotion. The well-known network alliance has linktech, Yiqifa etc.. Knowing that it is an advertisement, do you still want to click on it, especially this kind of special site. Famous site is not on your ad, because they are not short of money. Tens of thousands of yuan each year CPS promotion management fees if you don’t want to go on burning for naught.

trap three: traditional SEO promotion way, I will not say more, many to count, micro-blog forum, Links exchange, keyword optimization etc.. All of this, in order to have a good natural ranking in the search engine. But please don’t forget, even if you spent a number of years to the first row in vain, because the head and ppc. Ordinary users simply can not distinguish between the essence of the difference between these two rankings, who ranked on the point who. Baidu self adjustment of the algorithm, such as ignoring the chain of "green" algorithm will let the webmaster work on fire, if you first, what the Baidu


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