Sun Qiang public welfare marketing into a new era of great role

public marketing has been a mature brand favored marketing strategy, the domestic public awareness of marketing has been initially. Which reflects the enterprise’s social responsibility, but also enhance the brand reputation. The public enterprise marketing seems more and more difficult to carry out, as compared with the previous public welfare activities, not only is the rate of return in the fall, the negative network public opinion has been thrown, which makes the welfare of advertisers is very depressed, do a good thing to fall infamy, don’t have poor public marketing way impasse?

is actually a significant change in the communication environment and the audience. In the traditional media era, the main brand of a great in strength and impetus public welfare activities are easy to get media attention, with the necessary means of public relations, public information dissemination channel is basically smoothly. The public welfare activities of the organization, recipients is active and passive acceptance of the applied two groups, such as a company decided to a poor rural primary school teaching building funds for reconstruction of a tattered, in view of the information asymmetry, it is difficult for us to know the details of the story and the aid process. Of course, public relations companies will give the media and the audience to provide a pile of carefully prepared touching story, but often because of too delicate and the lack of moving force. But advertisers are clearly satisfied, because the whole process of public service activities and the results are completely controllable, no need to worry about negative speech interference.

great role in public service marketing:

first, improve brand image

based public marketing is engaged in public welfare activities, the definition of public welfare activities refers to the activities of the purpose is to provide human welfare and promote the public interest, which includes providing tangible property or intangible services, show kindness to others, make a meaningful contribution to the society and so on. The term "public welfare activities for enterprise financing" refers to, in the name of the enterprise, to provide, organize or participate in the above-mentioned public welfare activities in the form of providing money, in kind or in practice.

enterprise through these activities can not only increase the social public interests, but also can make the company’s image enhancement, many large companies in the development of long-term strategy will be public welfare as an important content to consider, from this point of view, public welfare as an indispensable part of enterprise management strategy as an important measure to establish a corporate brand image.

second, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises

enterprises to carry out public welfare activities should benefit from the two aspects of self-interest and consideration. The enterprise should not only contribute to the society, but also to consider their own interests, corporate profits make a contribution to society, the profit of enterprise can repay investors, employees, pay taxes to the government, suppliers can obtain their interests from you, many interest related departments can get benefits from your enterprise. That is to say, the profit is the enterprise as a social organization in reason. Therefore, enterprises should not only take into account the social benefits, but also consider the benefits of the enterprise. One of the purposes of public welfare marketing is to increase the efficiency of enterprises.

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