Five methods of financial company network marketing

I is a well-known domestic gold investment company planning department, mainly responsible for the company’s network marketing company, with more and more customers, I like to own the promotion of experience and methods of financial company to tell you that in order to be able to let in the financial industry, the promotion of reference.

many domestic gold and foreign exchange investment company also uses simple telephone marketing, every day on the phone to strangers, hope to be able to dig a channel to two treasure, but this amount is great, but the effect is not so obvious, with the development of high technology, people depend on network gradually strengthened. So the financial exchange network marketing will become the mainstream method for customers. So as a financial company how to explore their own way in the modern network office life model. I use the five methods are good, I hope you can help the same as the financial sector network promoters.

the first: build and promote the company website. First of all on the Internet on a company’s website is the image of the company, so the excellent website not only focus on the program, but also pay attention to the site, beautiful atmosphere, integrity and so on, because the financial exchange is related to the financial industry, so a good website must do this. When necessary, you can even use flash, JavaScript to set off the page. The second is to do a good job of the site’s key words, here simply pass the site promotion, two methods can make the site’s ranking: 1 original articles. 2 high quality chain.

second: in the early promotion, simply rely on the company’s website promotion of the company’s financial products is not enough, because the site requires at least more than half a year to be effective, so at this time, investors have some relationship between the keyword and financial aspects of the original article. Then published to a relatively high weight of the forum, there is no need to add the chain, because it is easy to be removed, the promotion of good keyword density when writing original articles, and then want to know more information about the content, can be Baidu search. For example: I want to let others search Wuhan gold company regular see my article and then find our company can focus on Wuhan’s regular gold company to write a high quality of the original article, then write the end of the article you can search on Baidu Wuhan’s regular gold company "XX company.". Then published to Tianya, Sina, Baidu space these places, you can quickly row to the top of Baidu. So that investors understand the company.

third: Baidu product promotion, the reason why there are so many people enjoy the use of Baidu products as a way to promote, the reason is very simple, Baidu put his home things very front rank, such as the common Baidu library, Baidu know, Baidu space, Baidu encyclopedia and Baidu experience. Baidu library and Baidu space allows promoters to write high-quality original articles in front, the advantage is that the weight is high, included quickly. Promoters can also use Baidu know the answer way to push on

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