The electricity supplier industry giants in the frenzy struck what to do

2011 is the electricity supplier, is the electronic commerce volcano erupted a year; each industry giants have targeted e-commerce, online shopping, online payment, logistics industry Qi force; generally think that the electronic commerce industry, the logistics industry of e-commerce has become a short board "".

data: the Ministry of Commerce statistics, over the past 5 years, the size of the domestic online shopping has increased by 22 times, in 2010 reached about 450000000000 yuan; 2011 e-commerce business, logistics, home appliances, department stores and other industry giants have boomed, to consolidate their industry hegemony, a spearhead to e-commerce, look at the latest below these giants of the trend.

Some recent trends in

industry giants: Alibaba to spend billions to build the logistics industry; Jingdong financing $1 billion 500 million mall "burn" logistics industry; Gome in April 20th officially launched the United States online store; China Unicom formally established payment company; STO, round through courier, freight, courier rhyme four Express Giants reached the transformation of electronic commerce field; Guangdong department plans to invest more than 30 million yuan to set up independent store this year 100 online mall, electricity by four, you know how much electricity supplier war? Below is detailed to introduce the latest trends in electronic commerce.

at the beginning of this year, China biggest e-commerce enterprise group Alibaba spend billions of large-scale construction of the logistics industry, expanding e-commerce industry vertical blow to do e-commerce; online shopping < > + online payment; < Alipay & lt + > logistics; logistics Alibaba > integration of real business is not difficult to do.

at the beginning of the year, Jingdong financing $1 billion 500 million mall "burn" logistics industry, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong said that the financing by DST, tiger and other 6 funds and some celebrities will be put into the investment, financing and logistics technology research and development, Jingdong mall next three years to invest 50-60 billion yuan for the construction of the logistics system, this year will be started at the same time the construction of 7 level logistics center, logistics center average investment amounted to 6-8 billion yuan.

news April 20th, Gome today officially launched its e-commerce website, Gome online mall (, the implementation of "fusion B2C+ store"; announced the development of e-commerce business to enter. The United States had acquired the electronic commerce website is still relatively independent operation of kuba.

STO, tact express, rhyme express freight, is the four largest private express delivery giant, brewing transformation and development, to build e-commerce in improving delivery system at the same time, horse shot reached the field of electronic commerce.

below is the latest trend of private courier industry heavyweights:

Shen Tong chairman Lai Meisong: I am not optimistic about the e-commerce business in the logistics aspects of the action. At present, e-commerce companies do not express the conditions are very good. Fast.

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