After the pain we re impact the B2C Market

at the end of the 2011, Eslite into a peer and media slobber controversy. In October, when the media reported that the customers started listing matters, and successfully held the IPO roadshow in Hongkong, plans to release in November 12th after the listing of news. In the impact of the recent concept stocks fell sharply, the final guest not scheduled to submit its application documents IPO. In a number of executive turnover, "where the crisis" seems to be growing, it seems we are really sick.

, a dig where the pain of

The development of

e-commerce market Chinese explosive in recent years, in the capital market operation, the electricity supplier market just to run fast, nor go steady. Where the customer is one of the fastest runner in the business enterprise, but where the customer confirms this year when netizens say "run too fast, big strides, easy to pull eggs."

recently there has been a lot of media to dig out the guest the cause, I want to say is where the customer scale can try a new sales model, so only from the following three points to where the disease do simple summary.

1 where the customer put large sums of money to a lot of development is not suitable for the positioning of the product, where the customer itself, what we like a kitchen knife, mop, if you are a consumer you will be where the customer to buy these things? Because it is not very reliable products the overall image of these products to every guest, who will buy a do? The clothes should have a kitchen knife and a mop, knife cut unexpectedly? Or with the waste cloth of the mop? A joke, the market today do the products to focus, to be thin and fine, not large and all. Because the customer department managers have great autonomy, so that every guest products "flood" development, causing hundreds of millions of inventory, to make money is a big problem.

2 where the customer pays a lot of money to do marketing, where the customer’s overall marketing expenses amounted to 464 million yuan, higher than the same level of advertising expenses. So heavily hit advertising, and cause the risk of fracture to the guest capital chain, so outside of where the customer’s assets estimated and not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

The goal setting of

3 great leap forward. In December 23, 2010, Chen announced that 2011 will be where the customer has "sales growth" as of 100%, reached 4 billion yuan. In the afternoon of January 7, 2011, the old customer publicly announced the 2011 sales target has been raised to 6 billion yuan, the growth rate increased from 100% to 200%. But in March 7, 2011, in an interview with the Reuters, the old said: "this year sales target of 10 billion yuan, 5 times in 2010. So high goals make each department manager to exhaust all the skills to boost sales, there is no uniform standard, so the guest of blind expansion, random development, resulting in capital chain problems results. The last guest executives of the penalty punishment, leaving the turnover.

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