EBay there are more than 1 thousand employees in China to do the sea Amoy what are they doing

electricity supplier giants do cross-border electricity supplier in China, eBay path is just the opposite.

May 21st, a conference called "eBay sellers annual summit" held in Chengdu Ritz Carlton Hotel. The 100 sellers who have sold over a million yuan in the past year are invited to the site to attend the annual conference of the sellers.

yes, that ten years ago, and Taobao for the market eBay is still China, their office in Shanghai is still in the near people’s Square, a whole floor belongs to eBay now, there are more than 2000 employees, half of which is responsible for the business.

but they will not join the recent by Jingdong 6· 18 big promotion set off the electricity supplier in the war.

invisible eBay China

2002, eBay through the acquisition of eBay to enter the Chinese mainland market. After the defeat in competition with Taobao, eBay and Tom at the end of 2006 to set up a joint venture company, to Chinese consumer market business, eBay almost disappeared in front of the public China.

however, even those who do not go through the sea Amoy to buy things on the eBay users, eBay has never left china. However, their service in China has become a group of sellers who sell their goods overseas.

The main business of

eBay Chinese data, customer, legal, intellectual property and other team into a trading platform and support services for sellers, they will help China auto parts, toys, holiday lights and even drones and sold all over the world.

knew that there was a problem with the eBay seller: "what are the top ten sellers of eBay in Guangzhou?" the only answer is a short one: "what is the answer?."


eBay Greater China CEO Lin Yizhang in the internal meeting to share about the seller that, over the past year on the eBay platform with a $55 billion 200 million deal is cross-border trade, buyers and sellers in different countries and regions, accounted for 22% of the total trading volume. Among them, the vast majority of eBay under the new user’s first single, from the Greater China seller.

who was invited to participate in the meeting of the "seller" sellers, mostly in the past year to enter the national top two hundred sellers, which has been listed on the Lanting Pavilion in such a large potential trading company, also from the University part-time selling model, annual sales of hundreds of millions of young sellers gradually achieve.

tension is a typical eBay seller in china. Prior to the January 2013 registration of eBay’s personal account, he operated a service in Chengdu

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