Huafeng network B2B e commerce platform operators on how to operate

B2B e-commerce platform, but the real operation of the innumerable, good few. And with the development of e-commerce, the major companies have begun to focus on building their own B2B e-commerce sites, how to build, how to operate?.

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a heavy investment in technology, focusing on the platform to build

B2B e-commerce platform is the most basic function of the business platform to build. The three stages of the development of B2B e-commerce platform are as follows: information platform stage, trading platform stage, mutual trust platform stage. The primary stage of B2B e-commerce platform is to give the majority of businesses provide trading information platform, through the sale of information gathered many, in order to attract more business members to join in, they are looking for buyers and sellers on the platform. At this time, the function of the B2B platform is limited to information integration, such as Huafeng commerce station

at present, the development of e-commerce to the second stage, that is, from the simple information platform gradually evolved to the real trading platform. The so-called trading platform refers to the B2B platform to participate in the transaction process. From the beginning of the sale of information provided to the means of payment integration, to the final realization of the logistics, the whole process of commodity trading has B2B e-commerce platform as the third party participation. At this point the role of B2B e-commerce sites more obvious and rich.

The third phase of the development of

B2B is the formation of a network of mutual trust. At this stage, the business platform has become a central trade exchanges between the two sides, not only is the trading behavior here, exchange of information, exchange of knowledge, even the creative development of the initial products will be implemented in B2B platform. Finally, the B2B platform has become the center of a merchant colony, and become an organic business system with self developing function.

described above as the first domestic B2B business model, on behalf of the company: alibaba. A successful platform is the first to be popular, Ali’s platform to build quite successfully gathered a lot of popularity. Ali Alipay shows Ali control transaction process ambition. Ali’s community has formed a good atmosphere for business exchanges, there are many indications that Ali’s platform is moving toward the development of the trust platform.

Ali’s success can be called the success of the platform model.

two, heavy content quality, effective information integration

Internet is the most important function of information integration. The network makes the information exchange more convenient, more enterprises and individuals on the Internet is to get more complete information.

domestic B2B another successful model is to start from the information, through information and information services to gather popularity, information platform to promote business platform. The business has a very good line of clothing.

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