E commerce entering the era of logistics

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real economy suffered from the financial crisis is still in recovery, enterprises pay more attention to the efficient operation of low cost, this provides the opportunity for the development of the e-commerce market; at the same time, climate and environmental issues have become the focus of global attention, the development model with low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission based on low carbon economy will be the future development pattern of Chinese economy, e-commerce as one of the effective mode, will promote to improve the structure of the Chinese industrial economy.

days ago, Deutsche Bank released a research report about the electronic commerce market, Chinese report, Chinese consumer e-commerce market, including "business to consumer" (B2C) and "person to person" (C2C) market rate will reach 42% in the compound annual growth in the next 5 years, the total market size in 2014 will reach 1 trillion and 523 billion yuan; Internet penetration rate (consumption accounted for the proportion of Internet users) will rise from 26% in 2009 to 34% in 2014. At the same time, China’s Internet penetration rate will rise to 59.3%, the total number of individual users will reach 812 million.

Outlook: personal consumption is the most promising

from Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and display, statistics Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center as of June 2010, Chinese users reached 420 million; at present, China e-commerce sites reached 20700. Deutsche Bank predicts the number of e-commerce sites will reach 23000 by the end of this year.

Deutsche Bank believes that e-commerce for individual consumers is the next important stage of the development of China’s Internet industry. Chinese consumers are undergoing significant changes in behavior, more and more shopping (Sales) transferred to the network. The transformation of traditional Chinese retailers from the physical store to the online store is still in its early stages, it is unlikely to cause substantial threat to online retailers. E-commerce is the most exciting part of China’s Internet sector. Although the world’s largest Internet users in China, China’s e-commerce market is still in its infancy. We expect this will be a huge change, because with the increasing number of Internet users, more and more consumers began to meet their business and personal needs of consumers through the internet." Deutsche Bank Asia telecommunications, media and technology industry research director Alan ·, said Hellaweli.

insiders said that the electronic commerce after ten years of development, cultivate a large number of users, to develop the habit of online shopping, online payment, logistics and distribution along with the gradually mature, e-commerce is becoming more and more fire is inevitable. Electronic commerce is the branch of Internet industry, in recent years, the only way to do the whole industry has the investment value of the industry, although the gross profit of low interest rates, a long time, but really can combine with the real economy, give impetus to the development of society and economy.

industry generally believe that the further development of e-commerce will become the driving force of the mobile payment market

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