How to drain before double 11 Taobao broke the order of play red

September 28th news, today, Taobao released a "double ten official customer service order business operations guide come from micro-blog red!" one article, the article mentioned that the order of red envelopes can not only for businesses to do brand promotion, bring new target customers, but also can improve the viscosity of the user and platform. The gameplay applies to double 11 before and during the double 11 campaign.

According to

billion state power network to understand, businesses can be combined with outdoor advertising, common station activities set up shop and brand keyword related order. Let the consumer search box to enter the order of words in Tmall App, you can enter the store to get businesses to set the interests, such as Alipay, red coupons, coupons, gifts etc..


According to Taobao

, business communication, order the use of red scenes including but not limited to outdoor advertising, Tmall official large-scale marketing activities, new product launches, brand promotion, anniversary, daily activities during the non.

one, outdoor advertising, to achieve online and offline traffic interoperability. By setting the order, to guide consumers to Heaven Cat App, the search order gets red.

two, Tmall official large-scale marketing activities to attract users into the store. Early rally, promote the store brand marketing force, while increasing business exposure.

three, business brand anniversary, polymerization of a large number of users into the store. Participate in the daily activities of all kinds of channels, such as Juhuasuan, Amoy, etc., to enhance the flow of activities and the purchase.

four, the new business conference, concert, big V micro-blog interactive, business and consumers face to face interaction.

it is understood that the order of red envelopes can bring popularity, UV, diffusion of key commodities strong exposure, increase user stickiness and other advantages for businesses to order. The UV, is to use the order form of red envelopes to stimulate users to draw in mind, prime time before the event, the amount of fixed number of red envelopes.


billion state power network has learned, businesses can enter the interactive marketing platform registration activities through the Tmall business center, the specific amount of red envelopes and coupons to activity requirements shall prevail. During the event, the company set up a red envelope will be universal network, but not limited to the use of a store. If the end of period is still remaining, will return to the business of alipay.

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