The face of electricity providers traditional retail so to think about the way of self salvation

tiger sniffing note: the slowdown in economic growth, electricity supplier diversion, coupled with the downturn in consumption situation, a lot of retail enterprises in the closed shop, the plight of transition. According to the 72 retail enterprises United business network statistics, the first half of the total sales rose only slightly by 2.48%, 6 into the retail enterprise net profit is negative growth, while the major retail enterprises in the country to close 158 stores in total, the largest in history. The mobile Internet has brought a wave of new wave, traditional retailers make sense of crisis deepened in the reflection of the traditional retail outlet at the same time, they also in heating. In October 17, 2014, United Business Network hosted the 2014 business gathering "combined with · for retail platform campaign". The same day, intime and united business network retail oriented China launched "Lotus", rainbow, Ginza, BBK, jiajiayue and other well-known traditional retailers hold together, claiming to double eleven war.

, Chung Yuan Business Manager Ma Qihua (former vice president, intime group of nearly 30 years of retail experience) the theme "face" on the retail entity to the causes and the plight of the speech. He believes that the traditional retail dilemma, not just the impact of electricity providers, in addition to their own limitations lag, as well as the diversification of consumption and diversification of consumer channels to form a consumer shunt. In the face of difficulties, the traditional retail self salvation to the realization of the four modernizations: differentiation, shopping center, self and the internet. The following is the speech content Qihua horse, tiger sniffing epurates editor (abridged).

(Ma Yun Wang Jianlin) the bet everyone has been very clear, in fact, this game is a kind of excitation to the retail entity of us, this makes us excited like this place today can have a lot of thinking. In fact, I would like to say is that the respect of the two chiefs of China, in fact, we are not the entity of the retail industry, but it is precisely the lack of our physical retail advice.

entity retail dilemma is not just electricity supplier diversion

for a long time, due to the rapid development of Internet technology, e-commerce master and create a special context, we lost a lot of chance to express, or this kind of expression is relatively weak, are scattered.

of course, the most important is the years since, our retail entity, especially including department stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, and just unfolding whatever our efforts, sales are actually falling. Of course, we do not rule out the outstanding individual companies have good performance.

I think it is mainly the diversion of consumers, the diversification of consumption and diversification of consumer channels, it is not to say that the pure e-commerce diversion. We can think of our National Day holiday tourism market, how to thrive, our purchasing power is actually very strong, everyone desperately to travel abroad to spend money, why our domestic retail market still has problems such as



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