WeChat drops grab coupons suck Users to buy Taobao

last year WeChat grab coupons drops become fashionable for a time is gradually cooling, preferential decrease let users become melancholy, no longer excited. Coupons less and less preferential efforts are being accepted by the majority of users. However, there are still not willing to go to the user, to the universal Taobao Amoy little coupon.

billion state power network found in Taobao, currently has more than 900 coupons for the sale of the taxi drops. One of the highest sales, is a so-called automatic delivery of the distribution of the robot travel coupons, the price is only a penny. In this regard, every trip to billion state power network responded that the current drops not in the Taobao platform selling taxi coupons.

car into the travel market, gradually become the fashion tool, this launch, with major car platform frequent advertising preferential subsidies market education action are inseparable. Among them, the taxi coupon as a more important factor for travel users, has been widely concerned.


According to

billion state power network observation, at present, the platform will randomly distributed drops taxi coupons, amount to ten yuan ranging from one yuan. These coupons are marked in the form of discount, when the user to pay the cost of taxi deduction. However, the official platform is different from the drops, recently, Taobao platform also appeared in the sale of a taxi coupon sellers. The marked drops coupons products currently has accounted for twenty-three, calculated according to page forty, more than 900 products.

in these products, the most popular is a price of a penny coupons, the highest trading volume of a company called "I went to ah Oh" business has reached 18617 people pay 3781 comments.


according to the seller’s products show that most of these coupons do not require manual operation, but by the system 24 hours self-service delivery. Customers have the intention to buy the payment, you can only get the receipt link by scanning the two-dimensional code or receive the form of mail.

in the receiving link, will show a number of links, customers click on a link, fill in your mobile phone number, you can enter the page and receive coupons drops, this page is shown below, the drops travel business logo. Billion state power network purchase coupons in several businesses that receive coupons in Taobao will eventually appear in the bit App wallet, become effective vouchers.

, a Taobao user said to billion state power network, can buy coupons on Taobao drops is not surprising, because the previous Taobao platform has been a variety of online shopping platform to sell coupons, drops travel as an online trading platform, coupons were "illegal" is not surprising.


for this situation, drops, said

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