Ali storm cross border imports of global sourcing platform 18 on the line

yesterday, Alibaba officially announced that its website will be formally launched on the 18 global sourcing platform, an important part of the group’s cross-border import strategy. Alibaba senior vice president Wu Minzhi said, to make 1688 of global import distribution platform, and the use of logistics support and data flow service to do the import commodities traceability fidelity.

according to reports, the current platform has 120 million of the global B users, 150 million online browsing generated every day; there are more than 10 million enterprises company opened shops, covering clothing, Home Furnishing, industrial products such as the 49 level industry, 1709 industry two. 1688 division senior director Liu Fei introduced earlier in the global strategy of Ali, the international big consumers for having heard it many times have been introduced to the retail platform.

compared to the traditional mode of imports, through 1688 merchants from the purchase of 1688 global sourcing platform, the cost can be reduced by 20%~40%, the time can be saved 15~60 days.

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