Mall public network also optimistic than Papi sauce

with 2016 network first Reds Papi ads by the beauty beautiful makeup to 22 million yuan price, red net business model once again become the focus of public hot. Many marketing experts also said that in the Internet era, the quality of the content will always have a market value, and with the spread of efficiency, its value will be explosive growth. And at present, the network economy has been successfully achieved through a variety of models to the electricity supplier platform diversion, the formation of profit closed loop. For example, the Reds national electricity supplier, Sydney is one example of husband Wang Sicong’s girlfriend, using their own popularity, build a personal brand, WeChat and micro-blog sales promotion, sales have been quite amazing.

there is a user supplied by all kinds of business platform a reward function and paid services, and network platform for red profiteering, and reached a certain number of pink silk net, the fan effect, adding third party to attract advertisers, and accept the line of commercial speech, brand endorsement, gold absorption capacity comparable a second star.


Of course,

behind the rapid rise in the red net business model, there are also many discordant voices, vulgar, irregular is like a inhibition, become a net red pattern on this road a lingering shadow. Papi sauce has been asked to "vulgar part of the video content for rectification", a lot of live platform can drill legal loopholes is also more and more small, I believe that with the punch in the relevant sector, red net the industry will face a bloody change, perhaps Red Net economy is only in the history of the development of the Internet flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. I learned a lot from the giant capital are in the eyes of the gimmick network economy to really focus on the red high quality, high service business platform. At present, there is a commitment to bring consumers a new model of lower priced electricity supplier – the mall is growing rapidly, attracting more than angel investors eyes.

mall public network, consumers can not do without the shopping site

does not play any fancy gimmicks, promotion invalid without wasting money, only to find more favorable products for consumers, provide a more convenient shopping channel, customer service and guarantee genuine service, these are all the mall network rapid accumulation plays an important factor in the word of mouth, see the professional market data found that imperceptibly. Mall public network has been to seize the business market share not small, become a force to be reckoned with new business. So in the end is what kind of shopping mall network platform for consumers to enjoy a shopping experience can not be separated.

The core idea of

is to subvert the mall public network, can be said to be beyond the present all the traditional business model, it first caught this pain point at present online shopping market fakes rampant, namely Factory to customer to create innovative F2C (direct to consumer e-commerce model from individual manufacturers), equal to allow consumers to go directly to the manufacturers of shopping. Remove any transit links, to ensure that consumers get is absolutely authentic. And phase

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