Micro business go their own way let others say go

which belongs to the micro business? In fact, the generalized derivative can be understood as the mobile terminal business marketing model, including WeChat, micro shop and our common friends belong to micro business marketing. No one knows the micro business instant fiery up, but also can not help but worry, it seems that the mainstream electricity supplier micro business has come to a bottleneck.

recently, CCTV reported the mask black workshop, transfer netizens ridicule derivative pyramid schemes and other negative energy to make micro business can’t do anything in reality derivative, occupy the market of great strength, like everyone in the non-stop to catch the market, really make people doubt, micro business can really make money? Can really cattle make every day to show off their wealth? Admittedly, earn money of a few people, of course, there are many in this area do not earn money, even so, they still refused to give in, seems to prove that it is a way to get rich. Guangzhou website construction of 100 million small series believes that micro businesses never need to rely on the pursuit and boast, even if questioned, can prove to be true to the real harvest.

took the advertising circle of friends, circle of friends, marketing is a derivative of the trust bet, when friends willing to trust you and buy your product, you will feel that you are successful, but the fact is not so smooth, once the products have problems, trust of the bridge will follow fracture. Taking the micro circle of friends is not wrong as a marketing tool, they will be wronged Tucao, do not rely on advertising to refresh, then how to understand marketing? Small micro business situation, it is said that the money is to rely on a scraper, scraper was pulled black, but some people can do business micro Shuabing the success of the visible, the road is right, it depends on how you go.

Xiao Bian also borrow a word, all the things in the world can be used "it’s none of my business" and "none of your business" to deal with, yes, even if you stop the ads, you have to let your customers know that you send information about his business, they wouldn’t have reason to shield you. Circle of friends is "sharing", even advertising, wrote it with emotion or interest of valuable information, it can not help people forward impulse, who are willing to put your shield? Of course, everything can not be exaggerated, slightly modified to have a certain role, but not to change in essence, when customers purchase goods wrong version of the product, also may disappear in the customer’s circle of friends.

although micro business advertising marketing for most people are sensitive, but does not mean that we will exclude, as long as it is not the end, no matter what others say, continue to go on the right. However, the premise is that the derivative way is the most important in the first, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, circle of friends is reputation and relationships, when you put every WeChat friends as potential customers, you must establish your trust, share more valuable information to business reputation, in you occupy the industry more extensive knowledge of prominent professional level, you sell products, sell themselves first, so when people find what they want to appear in you, the first time they will find you; when you have a >

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