From the funeral to Manicure ten will change the new electricity supplier in the world

[editor’s note] you wasted? You depressed? You wet? Are you worried about not contracting pond? A cross road, who is your life coordinates? When you’re still in bed staring at the ceiling in a daze, do you really think others see you used to drink beer drinking time coffee? On the road of entrepreneurship, Curve Wrecker will never tell you how they become the industry’s cutting-edge, especially electricity supplier


billion state power network end inventory, 2015 which have staged a cutting-edge business:

O2O: the other is electric funeral encoffins the dignity of the deceased


never has nothing to do with the electricity supplier debauch, but was too direct to the funeral.

but this for the other side of the founder Xu Yi, has always been a taboo topic. It, respect the laws of nature, to It is a worthy death. and these are in the past, with profits led the traditional funeral industry can not be given.

Internet is like this, full of science and technology and the integration of humane care. The past is gone, whether it is to fly in space, or although humans cannot choose how laid to rest, at least, the Internet can tell him what a decent leave.

The fundamental reason why the other side

can get it real fund investment.

called a duck: how long can be cooked by the Internet



in fact, the Internet is cooked duck is sent to the chowhound stomach.

but what confidence can create such a wonderful business model? What is the charm can make Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan, President of Huayi Wang Zhonglei Huang Taiji, chairman and founder of He Chang and entertainment workshop Zhang Wei generous purse? "Asked by a duck" these four words, enough Internet fan


founder Qu Bo think, in fact, the Internet is to make the product more temperature, such as takeaway, how this looks more common but very traditional business topics and dissemination of a room? Google glasses, according to the open Benz and Mini Cooper, only a table of the shop door, or let people fall into a reverie duck shaped soap……

sounds so O2O seems to have Internet catering for having heard it many times, is the next of kin.

Beaver: no need to open

home under a taste of God carved 1 billion dollars


God carved playfully is justified, after all three business projects in hand, and each cleverly stepped on on the Internet: the Internet Internet brand, air catering, Internet service life……

beaver home turned out, not only let the price doubled, also opened the door to financing Manicure O2O. Home service, equivalent to let

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