The imported food by sea Amoy business

"the body is the capital of revolution".

people have always been very focused on health and health, respected the rule of disease has not been cured, the philosophy of diet is one of the most traditional, the most important means.

at the same time, with the increasing pressure of social competition and life, sub-health state is very common, the maintenance of the body is no longer a patent for the elderly, but also began to be popular among young people. The relevant data shows that since 2012, 21 to 35 year olds have accounted for 77% of the nutrition consumer groups.

huge consumer groups and consumer potential business opportunities spawned imported food. From the original Taobao store purchasing, acquaintance Hongkong purchasing mode, to a few years ago the fiery sea Amoy, to today’s "sunshine sea Amoy cross-border electricity supplier model, imported food business business model innovation, Internet entrepreneurs have begun to emerge.

imported food Chinese landing, experienced a tortuous process, but in the sunshine after the rain. With the China in recent years has introduced policies to encourage cross-border electricity supplier, imported food industry has a bright future. By combing the development of the industry business, the author believes that the market is still in the initial stage of the wild, professional services will be the key success factors. And this is precisely the lack of the majority of Internet practitioners.

allows consumers to buy at ease

to buy food commodities, consumers are most concerned about the quality and safety, especially on cross-border shopping. The most popular cross-border shopping is non milk, milk powder business by some global giants monopoly, safety of well-known brand has been a strong guarantee. But another important market, nutrition market is relatively dispersed, the security risks can not be ignored.

to the world’s largest food producer in the United States as an example, FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) does not advance any kind of health food supervision, the market is very chaotic, low threshold makes many varieties of nutrition and uneven in quality scandals. Because of the information asymmetry, Chinese consumers are likely to buy already broke security in the United States market risk probability theory on nutrition, buy "quality excellent price, more nutrition.

According to the

quality and safety issues, some websites through the development of translation tools to help users understand the overseas food, such as zero meters of sea Amoy tool, the translation function can help users view the product dynamic information. Some shopping guide website also adopted the same idea. One of the current business platform has been transformed into direct mail shopping guide website "acid orange", is at the beginning of the site has invested a lot of manpower, the product reviews tens of thousands of, so that domestic users can look like Taobao shopping reviews as a more intuitive judgment, it is well intentioned.

Some institutions are using

sea Amoy credibility as the product endorsement, such as city express’s everyone health net sales agent a Australia brand imported food, with the credibility of the media. For practitioners of the Internet, if not

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