Jingdong frankly do not have the advantage of scouring the sea Logistics do not rule out investment


] December 12th news billion state power network, vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong Group Strategic Research Institute president Lin Jie to billion state power network describes the Jingdong for the whole idea of the electricity supplier industry imports.


Jingdong group vice president, President of Jingdong Research Institute Lin Jie

Lin Jie said that for the sea Amoy entrepreneurs is a bad news, Jingdong is the layout of this area, the future of both the sale of goods or the entire supply chain, Jingdong will involve. Jingdong may rely on the initial brand of overseas dealers to take goods, but in the future will be as far as possible and foreign brands direct cooperation. The next growth point from overseas, which we will focus on the layout."

at the same time, Jingdong’s import electricity supplier will not take the whole category strategy, and will fully tap the needs of Jingdong members.

Lin Jie also pointed out that in the import electricity supplier industry, Jingdong and venture capital companies in the same starting line, Jingdong used to be proud of the logistics, there is no advantage in the overseas. Jingdong had delayed layout of scouring the sea, because before the "outward first".

was asked whether the state power grid Jingdong will invest in other sea Amoy website, Lin Jie said the Jingdong will contact "". But Lin also pointed out that the capital adequacy of the industry has just begun to flourish, it is not necessarily a good thing, because it will destroy the passion and direction of an entrepreneur.

in particular, they (capital) on the sea Amoy do not understand, we (Jingdong) to do their own investment, we do not dare because the layout is not understand." Lin Jie said.

Lin Jie said that Jingdong in the field of electricity suppliers in particular want to do two things: first, the joint industry is expected to regulate the industry. "A national circulation market, if it is fake and smuggled goods, itself is not healthy."

two is to allow Chinese consumers to live a little happier, can get the most reasonable price should get the goods, rather than get some fake commodities.

According to

billion state power network understanding, visible in the Jingdong, imports of electricity supplier in the field layout is in the website open up overseas purchase channel, to recruit overseas merchants settled in the shop, but the line so far, no much improvement.

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