Frank Li Guoqing decisive battle in June next year the price war is just a gimmick


Chengdu Chongqing region there is a saying, called "ten Gong nine ring".

use these words to describe the recent electricity supplier price war repeatedly broke the shocking words of CEO Li Guoqing, his wife also believe, Chongqing chairman Yu Yu will smile.

most people began to pay attention to Li Guoqing, began at the beginning of last year, he was in the war on micro-blog, Morgan Stanley’s amazing frank. Never seen so publicly listed company executives and investment partners quarrel, we sigh: Li Guoqing’s "straight", "two is enough".

and Li Guoqing in the Internet detonated topic is even more amazing, in April this year, he broke the Jingdong mall chain of emergency funds, company funds can only be maintained from August to December. This led to dissatisfaction Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong. He sends micro-blog to invite Li Guoqing to bet on it, to see the Jingdong account, the losers charitable donations. The public bet that Liu Qiangdong, Li Guoqing said that finance is a very complicated thing, that is not clear.

since May the electricity supplier price war is to let people see Li Guoqing "Frank", in the mall Jingdong announced the "June 18th" anniversary big promotion, Li Guoqing immediately jumped out to declare war against dangdang. As early as June 10th on page linked to the "bloody East levy the strongest price" and "shock Beijing" and other slogans, directed at the Jingdong. Jingdong announced last week that it will start a new round of price war, Li Guoqing immediately shows the attitude of war.

in the eyes of the first generation of electricity providers in the eyes of entrepreneurs, electricity supplier price war how to play the electricity supplier pattern when the freeze? Dangdang will make any effort, this reporter recently interviewed Li Guoqing.

talk about price war:

will come out in June next year

seems to Li Guoqing, now more than just a price war is a gimmick, because all price wars are in a category, and there is no comprehensive price war. He is very much hope to be able to launch a price war in the field of 3C, because the field of 3C’s contribution to Dangdang’s smaller, Dangdang in this regard can withstand consumption.

why Dangdang price war will not be absent? Said Li Guoqing an interview with daily reporter, at present the price war or online retail tool, China users is highly price sensitive crowd, low price is the main factor to attract. In the face of Jingdong announced the anniversary promotion, Dangdang response is in the target category to ensure that the price advantage, if the opposition launched a price war, Dangdang will give retaliation, maintain the price index and the lowest image.

Li Guoqing also said that the price war is the initial stage of the business, which shows that the domestic e-commerce is still in its infancy, we are expanding the site. Big electricity providers, small electricity providers rely on blood transfusion, no hematopoietic mechanism." Li Guoqing said that this is not to be avoided in any industry, so it is a feast for customers; to the electricity supplier companies

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