Actual combat cross border electricity supplier online shop four price positioning skills

online selling things and the network is different, we have to adjust according to the actual situation, but most things are common. If you want to go to school from the winners who move on to one half, of course the best, but we look at some of the open shop, basically are organized the readme article, very few people really tell you he management of the key. Therefore, the online business is like under the net operation, all the way to operate only by their own painstaking exploration summary.


sales for the same price

England has a small shop, at first the business is very depressed. One day, the owner had an idea, think of a way: as long as the customer is 1 pounds, can be optional in the shop of a commodity (in store goods are the same price). This can be said to seize people’s curiosity. Although some commodity prices higher than market price, but still attract a large number of customers, sales are higher than the few nearby Department store. In foreign countries, the popular sales for the same price as well as the cabinet price sales, for example, some small shops opened 1 cents goods counters, 1 yuan of goods counters, and some big stores are opened 10 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan of goods counters.

2, segmentation method


what can than customers are more sensitive to prices, because the price is representative of his pocket money, let the customer feel you only from his pocket to pay the little part, rather than a lot. China business schools think: price segmentation is a kind of psychological strategy. When the Seller pricing, the use of this technique, the buyer can cause psychological sense of price. Price segmentation consists of the following two forms:

(1) with smaller units. For example, 10 yuan per kilogram of tea reported per gram of $0.5, 1000 yuan per ton per ton of rice, such as $1, etc.. Paris subway advertising: "just pay 30 francs, there are only 2 million passengers can see your ad."

(2) compares the price of a smaller unit. For example, "smoke a cigarette a day, and you can order a newspaper every day." "The use of the refrigerator is a daily average of 0.2 yuan electricity, only enough to eat a popsicle!" remember the quote with a small unit more easy for customers to accept.

3, non integer method

no difference Xiamen, a mile. The retail price will be at the end of a fraction of the practice of non integer, sales experts called "non integer price". This is a very stimulating consumer desire to buy the price. The starting point of this strategy is that there is always a fraction of consumer price than the low price integer psychological feeling.

one summer, a household goods store in a batch of goods to sell, the price of 1 yuan each, the buyer can not be enthusiastic. But the store had decided to cut prices, but taking into account the cost of purchase, only dropped 2 cents, the price becomes a dime of 9 points. That is the difference between the 2 cents steep competition to make the situation change, buyers in a continuous line, the goods sold quickly. Salesman delighted, sigh, only 2 cents

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