CN domain near the qualitative change

"domain name Chinese development facing the opportunity of change." Recently, the German domain name registration authority – DENIC current acting chief executive officer Andreas Baess told reporters.

he believes that the development of domain names like a snowball, after a period of accumulation, facing the inevitable leap from quantitative change to qualitative change.
      growth from one million to 5 million is an important turning point, while China is experiencing this turning moment". At the same time, Andreas Baess believes that the price factor is also an important driving force for the development of the domain name.

so that Chinese Internet Network Information Center launched ".CN domain 1 yuan experience", Andreas Baess said, by reducing the price of the domain name, and guide more Internet experience, application of top-level domain name, "1 yuan experience activities contribute to the development of the national domain name China".

it is understood that 1 yuan does reduce the threshold of.CN domain name, but also changed the perception of Internet users on the.CN domain name. "It is a piece of money, try it anyway." Netizens Ma said in an interview with reporters.

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